2 questions about freeze rate multiplier/chance to slow attackers

so lets say i got an item rolled with affix 80% chance to slow attackers but it doesnt say how much you slow them? or is it meant it slows them by 80%? second question does freeze rate multiplier does anything if your build can only chill? i see in the guide he got wand with 200% freeze rate multiplier but this build can only chill so am i missin something? what does freeze rate multiplier does even? the build also have picked cold penetration when we doing lightning damage build surely im missing something? can somone check his items and skills he have picked and maybe enlighten me? Sorcerer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.4g) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Answer to your first question re slow:

The cold pen and freeze rate multiplier are most likely what he ended up with at t5 as he tried to chaos a bad modifier into something useful. All the other affixes are great so it’s what it is until an upgrade drops.

The builds on Last Epoch Tools are mostly characters uploaded from a save file so they tend to have some items that are not perfect.

All cold skills have a base freeze rate which is what freeze multi modifies. That modified freeze rate is chucked into a formula to give the hit a chance to freeze.

see thats what i thought too that he got unlucky mod BUT in his lootfilter he have selected to “freeze rate multiplier” wands thats why im confused becuz we only chill with this build as far i know BUT the other question wasnt answered the affix wich says “chance to slow attackers 80%” do you slow only who attacks you? and if so by how much you slow them?

That affix applies a stack of slow to attackers.

but how big is the slow??

Vapour linked it in his post.

Also, freeze multi isn’t going to do anything for his build as he isn’t using any cold skills with a base freeze rate.

oh somehow missed it i see but still idk why the build uses freeze rate multiplier affix does it work if you can only chill?

The build doesn’t use freeze rate multi as no skill has a base freeze rate to multiply. I would assume that whoever put together that build planner just happened to have that affix on the gear, or they had converted Lightning Blast to cold via the Mage passive (which gives it a base freeze rate) but respec’d before uploading the build.

Slow give 20% less movement speed, can stack 3 times in a 4 second period, if you get all three, that’s about half the movement speed of the enemy. Great for ranged characters to keep melee enemies out of reach.

so for example on catalyst it says “chance to slow attackers” that means whoever attacks you is slowed? but on wand for example it says “chance to slow on hit” so you slow everyone who you hit?

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Are you sure? I always assumed that “chance to slow attackers” means that enemies that attack you are slowed. Else it seems (poorly) wrong worded.

more than 5 chars :laughing:

Yes, that’s what Deviant said & I confirmed.

Have you had more than 5 beers?

So… I am right?


No. 5 beers within one day would knock me out, certainly. I stopped training this kind of art years ago. I’m just naturally stoned and confused… sometimes.


Yeah, it shows.

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