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2 part question: Abyssal Orb scaling and triggered ability descriptions

FIrst question: It states that Abyssal Orb (the spell cast by the “From the Abyss” notable in the warpath tree) scales with void damage, but does it also scale with attunement, being a spell?

Second Question: When you mouse over the “From the Abyss” notable and press ALT, it shows the skill window for Abyssal Orb, and at the bottom of THAT secondary window, it say “press alt to view more info” but obviously I’m already holding ALT so I can’t view the detailed info for the Abyssal Orb triggered skill. Is there any way to make that information pop up?

EDIT: Sorry, to be more accurate the skill window for Abyssal Orb actually pops up when you mouse over the warpath passive “Abyssal Flurry” and press ALT, but otherwise the question is the same.

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First Question:
It does not have any attribute scaling. It only scales with void damage and spell damage as you can see here:

Not sure if this is intended or not, maybe the devs could add it in the future.

Second Question:
I don’t think that’s possible. But i think this would not give you any more interesting informations anyway.