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1hit death but no monster anywhere near

I wasn’t sure where to post this exactly so i’m popping it here. but it seems we can’t paste screenshots? anyway its the second time when trying to get to the arena leaderboards i get oneshotted by an invisible source of dmg “slain from a lightning explosion from” buit it doesn’t say from what since there wasn’t anything in the vicinity i have the screenshot. no mobs around nothing but just poof oneshot (13k EHP 100% crit avoidance ) from max hp to 0. Anyone seen this before? is it a bug? or i’m a missing something? there is no vfx effect either just ‘poof’ dead.

edit : Screenshot, 2022-06-12 15:57:02 - Paste.Pics

It’s an enemy called “Hiveless Phrax”, when they die they leave a telegraph on ground (lightning circle) that explodes couple seconds later.

You can go to the sheltered wood zone (lvl 11 area) to test their mechanics.


Alright! thx for the info i’ll try to figure out how to spot them