17 Sec Julra Kill Melee Sorcerer Static Orb Build Guide! 400+ Corruption Easily

Check out my build guide where we blow up Julra in under 20 sec with a melee Sorc. In it, we push the Sorc meta by showcasing a melee Sorc that runs Horns of Uhkeiros unique shield as best in slot. 10/10 for swagger. We combine high Damage Dealt to Mana Before Health with high Endurance and high Armor to get super tanky. We stack insane amounts of mana to leverage the quadratic growth of static orb’s skill tree nodes.

The build planner is already using 0.9 patch notes from the last beta test. So as long as there aren’t any major surprises when 0.9 comes out, the build will be just as strong then. I’ll update the build planner if necessary!

PS. Credit to perrythepig, I got the tankiness idea of maxing endurance and making sure endurance threshold > 910hp from one of his videos. I was running mainly armor for defense prior to that.