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130% Movement Speed Erasing Strike Void Knight, 196+ Corruption Viable

YT Build Guide + Gameplay : Last Epoch Patch 8.3 Build Guide, 130% MS Erasing Strike Void Knight, The Need For Speed - YouTube

Last Epoch Build Planner : Void Knight, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Written Guide/Script

Hello, this is Dr3ad from Epoch Builds, in today’s video, we are going to showcase Apathy’s Maw Darkstride Void Knight, a build built around being as fast as possible while also being able to clear endgame proficiently.

Before we get into the video, if you are enjoying the content, I’d suggest liking and commenting on the video, as that is the best way to tell YouTube I am doing a good job!
This build was an absolute blast to play with. The insane 130%+ movement speed made farming monolith’s a breeze, allowing us to get to 200+ corruption in only a few hours. If you don’t know how I am achieving this, I am utilizing Darkstriders. These give us 1% increased movement speed per 5 melee flat void. This is only global flat void, meaning temporary buffs like Eternal Eclipse does not work. Buffs that do work are like the base passives on Void Knight, Sigils of Hope, and any melee flat void on our weapon. The weapon in question is Apathy’s Maw. This is the largest amount of melee flat void on a single weapon in Patch 8.3. This weapon when max rolled gives us 24% movement speed in total. Thats almost a whole spair of boots or 3 silver rings.

This much movement speed combined with our main skill, Erasing Strike, turns our character into a clear speed machine. So to break down the combo we are using for maximum single target damage, we first self cast Abyssal Echoes. Void Supremecy gives us 80% more damage with our next Erasing Strike against slowed targets, which echoes applies for us. We also get a buff for self casting Echoes called Nether Coating, which is important for later.

The second step is to use Void Cleave twice. Obliterator allows our next Erasing Strike critically strike for free, essentially allowing us to ignore crit chance entirely. Note that this only applies to the next Erasing Strike, meaning Void Knight Echoe’s do not crit as well, making it ineffiecent to invest into VK echoes, so we drop all of those nodes. This will also apply more time rot stacks thanks to Warped Decay, and also shred void resistance thanks to Fraying Strikes.

All of this combines together to give us a huge Erasing Strike hit. The reason why we hit with Void Cleave twice, is so we can apply 12 time rot stacks before we hit with Erasing Strike so we can benefit from Final Hour. We also run a small amount of time rot chance in the passive tree as well, so we make sure we always hit our cap of 12. Implements of Destruction is very strong for us as it meshes well with our melee flat void stacking. Moments Stolen lets us proc haste on kill, allowing us to push our movement speed even further.

Now we don’t have to cast all of this to clear packs in the Monolith of Fate, otherwise this build would be super clunky to play. But for bigger bosses like Orobyss and the Timeline bosses, it does give us the best DPS output. My largest crit so far has been a 219 thousand crit hit on a 196 corruption orobyss, translating to about 1 mill and a half on the target dummy. This is a lot, especially since we are not using Echoes or a better weapon, i.e. the Eternal Eclipse. For clearing monolith packs you can just void cleave + erasing strike, and add an abyssal echo before if its a tanky rare or boss.

We also run Sigils of Hope for even more melee flat void thanks to Sigils of Despair, and we also run Devouring Orb for Abyssal Rush, another 20% movement speed. To sustain Sigils we run the on kill node, Last Wish, and also a bit of mana regen so we can use them before boss fights.

Important passives in the tree include Patient Doom for the 150% increased damage, Singular Purpose for the 100% increased void damage, which a majority of our damage is, and Dread for 120% increased void damage and 15% increased movement speed.

For uniques I run a Doom package of an Apathy’s Maw and 2 Siphon’s of Anguish for a total of about 50% increased damage taken for enemies at max of 4 doom stacks, and all of our leech. Siphon’s also have the neat benefit of having a lot of movement speed on them as well. All 3 of these drop from Orobyss, and Apathy drops from empowered orobyss only.

We of course run a pair of Darkstrides. as that enables this build to be viable. The +1 to void cleave charge becomes essential for our endgame DPS combo, so having that random stat makes the whole build function. Kinda funny how one line of text can enable an entire archetype.

For gearing, you want to focus on

  • Mana Regen
  • Critical Strike Multi
  • Health/Hybrid Health
    -+2 to Erasing Strike
  • Strength (as this gives you a global 4% increased damage, scaling our void damage and phys damage from apathy’s maw at the same time.)

A finished build planner will be in the description for you to look at the gearing in more depth.
For Idols, our best in slot is an idol with Vitality and Increased Melee Void Damage. We then get 2 3/1 increased melee void damage idols and 2 hybrid HP idols.
Unique I could recommend are pair of Ravenous Voids, as the DR will make you feel much tankier overall. It is a rare drop from Elder Gaspar from the Last Ruin, or from Echo Set/Unique Glove rewards from Ending the Storm.

Overall I rate this build as a success, as we have plenty of damage and clear for endgame, enough movement speed to make blessing/unique farming to be enjoyable, while also just being tanky enough to not be terrible to play. We are a void knight afterall, and they are generally regarded as the glass cannons of the sentinel class.

Thank you so much for coming this far in the video, if you haven’t already I’d suggest following the Twitch as well, as these builds take a long time to create sometimes, and I stream most of it, so you guys can get an idea of how the build creation process goes. Its also the best way to get technical support for the builds I create, as its a live event.

Have a wonderful rest of your day, this has been Dr3ad from Epoch builds, off to create more builds!


Great build!
I know a lot of VK builds are casters, but hopefully we’ll see more melee :wink:

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