[@11HG] If botting is a declared goal for MP then

vast majority of gold farming is not done by people but by criminal organizations which are in third world countries such as Venezuela, mostly funded by stolen funds or money that the cartel uses to money launder. The goal is not to avoid getting caught as they dont waste their own money. They waste money of legit victims.

Why gold sellers are historically known for delivering on the gold as if they did not, their crimes would not work- are cases where people are scammed thou.

Your not fighting a pape, your fighting a multi billion dollar organization that uses slavery to force people to farm gold, which they then sell.

Why fighting rmt is so hard


News to me, have an actual link to this info? I botted because D3 sucked. not because Im a drug lord

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What? Where do you come up with these stories… Gold farming isn’t primary run by large criminal groups :joy: :joy: :joy: Where and how do you even bring in slavery and gangs? That is the most ridiculously thing I’ve heard

It’s done simply by people that want an easy way and have the best of everything and/or people/groups that can monetize from it. When I said groups, i’m just talking about groups that are looking to run a business from selling, not illegal criminal groups unless you people that use tools such as cheats/bots/etc. criminals.

Here is some reads for you about rmt and terrorism via shell companies


Here is an example of WoW, where slaves/ prisoners where forced fo farm gold in slave camps by criminal organizations/ CCP, this gold would then be sold to players by said rmter

Perhaps one should listen more to what i say then question me, as i know a lot more then most people. One can say if it sounds weird, its probably true

Last one forgot to add it


In simple, don’t believe everything you read.

I won’t dive deep into this after as this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

I’m sure there are criminal organizations that partake in RMT and even work like this, having “slaves” to farm and what not, but to think they are primary running rings for RMT is just crazy.

Workers that farm gold are normally mistreated for sure, and extremely underpaid but most scenarios is because it’s just a job to them and some job = no job. Common sense.

The main problem is exploit’s/cheats/BOTS Majority of gold is through botting and normally how it works is many pc’s, running as many instances

If you are interested, you should research how bots work and different types of games that bots were a major problem.

You can literally run like 8 bots in D2R now per computer. You can use VM’s (virtual machines) that you can rent but not the most cost efficient and profit making.

The more PC’s you have, the more bots you have. Most and almost all games have bots but some games handle it better than others just like what a game has to offer.

There has been games where they had really good handling of bots, with anti cheats, bans, etc. but there will always still be more private bots.

Then the are also sweat shops that manage employees like a regular business to manually farm gold but more times, it’s to manage bots thus needing less employees and looking like a sweatshop.

First of all, that’s absolutely not ok and a highly egocentric behavior (disabled or not) with zero sign of respect for other people in a game with an emphasis on competetition (ladders).

I do also unethical stuff and i even use trainers or stash editors and such, but only in single player games because such actions are affecting no one else but me.

Secondly you’re saying that you had plenty of time to play a game like D3 but also not really enough time to not bot the hell out of D3 because you wanted to speed up the process to find stuff and such … so here you go.