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100% Uptime 400k Damage Earthquake Werebear 0.8.1b

Video Thanks to @Krucious

Looking For a different build? Heres all my builds in 1 fancy spot!

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Build Overview

  • New Build Playstyle
  • Huge Damage
  • Fast Boss Kills (just seconds)
  • Very Fast Speed Runner
  • Going to see the nerf hammer

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Updated to 0.8.1b 
100% Uptime Earthquake bear Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted February 19th 2021. Viable for 0.8.1b




Werebear Form
Entangling Roots
Ice Thorns

I thought this would be the first build you do to be honest when I saw the new unique :D. I think the best way to skill it to take EQ mana cost into consideration or at least a part of it.

there was no way i wasnt doing beastmaster warcry first lol, then i got the unique drop and said yup, now this haha. People going to get made my first 10 builds will be primalist

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Share Loot fitler pls

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I share everything. If i had one (and im hoping to get faster and more familiar with them soon) i would post it :slight_smile:

Weapons not showing in planner. What is the unique you guys are talking about?

Its a new 2 hand mace
You get it in the new fire timeline(left side)
Its called blahars wrath I believe (SPelled wrong of course)
And sorry planner doesnt list new patch things yet

Bhuldar’s Wrath.

thats the one! I feel i was close for just trying to remember off the top?!

Please excuse my ignorance but I can’t seem to find the answer: When you are in Werebear form do those WB skills somehow trigger the normal skills you level up and put points into and is yout Werebear conisdered a pet? Does he benefit from minion damage?

Entangling roots - yes
Swipe - yes

Thanks I did an edit on my previous post. Is your WB a minion for purposes of the gear you use?

there is no minion stuff at all in this build.

Yeah just gong by the rings you’re wearing sry for being a pain

Yeah i would just ignore the build planner atm, until its updated to reflect the new items/affixes it can be confusing. I do hover over every item in the video ( i know thats much harder)

OK had a look at the video (which I usually do btw) and you are wearing “Hollow Fingers” but I’m guessing that’s for the cold damage. I also see it’s your new weapon that’s triggering Earthquake and I don’t have that weapon yet. Build doesn’t really work without it so I think I’ll switch this guy over to your newly posted Spriggan build. Thx for all you do mate!

wearing double hollow fingers for the 100% chill chance so that charging applies chill on hit guarenteed and then earthquake does 150% “MORE” damage against chilled enemies.

Out side of uniquews you can only get chill on weapons now (or passives) and since the weapon isnt crafted i had to wear the unique rings

and avalanche comes from? Man I do find this confusing…

what avalanche?

Probably the one you mentioned in your reply: