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100% Primal Raptor uptime with Slow for 60% increased damage w/ Swipe & 100% Crit Chance 0.8.1c

I wanted to try a new Raptor build. I found this build synchronizes well with Summon Raptor with +2 levels in Summon Raptor and Swipe (neither are necessary), Swipe, Summon Frenzy Totem, Tornado and Warcry.

You get a Raptor that is always primal giving it greatly increased attack speed, move speed, damage, etc. and slowing enemies in an area about the same size as your frenzy totem giving you 60% increased damage on top of all your other bonuses and stacking all aspects.

I’m stacking bleed for the Raptor giving it the best crit chance and damage possible. It does good damage and gives me a huge damage boost.

With 8 stacks of stacks of Aspect of the Lynx and tethered to Frenzy Totem my melee crit chance is 101% and crit multi is 458%. I use Warcry to get it over 100% crit from 76% base quickly and then the Lynx stacks keep it up.

With 14 Berserk stacks, only 8 stacks of Aspect of the Shark, Aspect of the Viper and Aspect of the Storm going I have around 285% increased melee attack speed and stacks of Shark will go much, much higher for even more attack speed.

With everything mentioned above going I’m at 330% DoT, 730% melee damage and 531% physical damage. Not overwhelming by any means but the Raptor adds quite a bit of it’s own damage and attack speed is so high that you just destroy bosses and mobs. And these will only go up with better gear.

Would love feedback but so far I am loving it. Most of my gear is still crap and I’m running through early level mono’s quickly. Would like melee shared damage instead of bleed on the helmet or chest and am working on resistances but this is what I have and it’s working great. Looking forward to better gear…

Menacing Aura in the Summon Raptor tree for 100% slow chance
Trapper in the Swipe tree for 60% increased damage vs. slowed enemeies
Furious Cry in the Summon Frenzy Totem tree to take Rampage from a 15 second CD to 6
Vexation in the Summon Raptor tree to increase Rampage for 2 seconds
Bloodthirst in the War Cry tree gives your Raptor the same Berserker stacks as you

I have never done a video. Will try to do that soon.

Link to all skills, passives and gear in Dammitt’s gear planner:

Cheers to you for making the effort!

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Thank you. I will try to get into more detail with gear and passives soon.

Put your build in the builder plz
Last Epoch Build Planner (

Thanks @Skykisser83 for the recommendation! I had never used it before. Thanks @Dammitt for such an amazing tool!