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100+ minion build 0.7.8f

100+ minions of mayhem


Is there a visual indication for Blood Infusion? I started using this build, but there doesn’t appear to be any visual cue that my minions gained BI when I cast Rip Blood. More importantly, they don’t seem to be leeching life (Hemophagy). I assume it doesn’t require Marrow Drinker to activate Blood Infusion, since that is not part of this build. Am I missing anything or is Blood Infusion automatically applied to minions every time you cast Rip Blood and there’s just no indication of it?

I believe they have to be hit by blood splatter but there is no visual appearance as far as i know. Just a giant leap of faith.

Would you like to buy a bridge?

If it buffs my minions, I’m game.

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