100 Emperor of Corpses farming runs at 660+ corruption!

Check out the results from running emperor of corpses 100 times at 660+ corruption! I actually farmed him probably over 200 times but recorded only the last 100. I was desperately trying to craft a 40% endurance shield using the Horns of Uhkeiros but RNG just wasn’t working in my favor. I got what I was looking for in the end so it was worth it!

Let me know if you’d like to see 100 farming runs on a different boss.

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FYI the 50/50 guaranteed drop Uniques is baseline mechanic of all bosses in LE.

Every single MoF Boss, including Shade of Orobyss has this. For some its not 50/50 chance to drop them, but all of them have 1 out of 2 uniques that are guaranteed drops.

Another thing, that you should do, when put that summary together, is to put the % inc. item rarity in there as well.
Because % inc. item rarity does icnrease the chance of dropping the non-guaranteed drops significantly.

From the short clips in your video all of them had 5 mods with ~500% inc. item rarity, but it would still be great if you call that out specifically, so new players get aware of this.

Fun Fact, I did get a 40% Endurance Horns of Uhkeiros on my very first attempt, just for the lulz (I slapped a shield with 3 useless bad stats and T6 %Endurance) on it :smiley:

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Great point, I’ll see if I have time to add the % item rarity to the spreadsheet! :slight_smile: It does add important information, especially if I do another set of runs at lower corruption.

I’m glad that the RNG gods blessed you with 40% endurance horns too, I really like the graphic design of the shield so it’s nice to see it get some use over Bastion of Honor.

So I added the % increased item rarity to the spreadsheet. Average was 495, highest 625!

Funnily enough, if I run a simple linear regression on the unique relic+shield drop rates as a function of the % inc. item rarity, I get a negative slope for some reason. So for my 100 sample size, higher % item rarity resulted in fewer drops. I also tried a linear regression between the LP and the % item rarity and that produced a positive slope. But based on the definition I read on Last Epoch Tools, % inc item rarity should give more uniques, not better uniques.

Anyway, weird RNG I guess? Perhaps going from 400% to 550% doesn’t make much of a difference? Maybe EHG can confirm.

More uniques will give you more chances of better uniques, it allows you to see further down the bell curve of awesomeness.

I’d assume the sample size was “too small” so you see weird #### happening.

The difference between 400% or 600% is probably just not noticeable enough on your sample size.

I think this would really become mroe obviosu if you would run a couple of runs without any enemy modifers, but from the nubmers you gave I assume you always at least had liek 3-4 enemy modifers active.

For random drops that is true. But dropping more uniques will also give you mroe chances for LP.

In this particular case for boss specific drops %inc. item rarity is just a value that increases the chances of bosses dropping their rare uniques.

Putting aside the fact that you might get more unique drops… assuming a unique drops, does % rarity improve the odds of getting extra LP?

No it doesn’t, not at all.

ONLY the area level does affect it, so once you are in a Area Level 100, there is no further chances of improving raw LP chance