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100% Crit Warpath. Smooth playstyle. 0.8d


Build Overview

  • Decent Damage
  • High Survivability
  • Great AoE For crowds
  • May Get Dizzy.


  • Initially posted December 19th 2020. Viable for 0.8d


Warpath Lootfilter USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Click here to show link and acknowledge risk

Warpath Voidknight Lootfilter Link


Void Knight




The main affix on idols you want is % increased health. FLat health. Leech. Bleed on hit.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear is not be min-maxed correctly but should give you a basic idea on how to get started.

Void Knight Warpath Gear planner Link


How do you 100% crit with warpath when the char sheet is showing 28% crit chance?

it doesnt reflect the 16% BASE crit you can get inside warpath tree.

why use both smite(no heal mode) and lots of healing node of Smite (holy wave, soothing balm,grace )?

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Thats a good catch, never paid attention to the passive vk tree killing off the heals lol. Simple oversight. Feel free to respec those points somewhere better. Cleanse perhaps

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Change the Temporal Coruption and Void Blades in the passive to something else.
Or change Smite’s heal node to something else.

Which of the two options do you think would work better?

Either. i mean smite is only used for the 50% attack speed so you can do anything you want to it.

Hey @boardman21 how much is the 8% needed from precise spin? What would your crit be without it, and what would the damage difference be betweem 2 points in precise spin vs some points in the war forge skill for armor penetration?

The 4% crit chance per point is base crit which is then added to your normal base 5% & multiplied by your % increased crit chance, so getting 16% base crit from Warpath isn’t a small thing, it’ll reduce the amount of increased crit you need to 476% to hit 100% crit chance.

Really Fun Build! thanks for the post :+1:

For Smite, because of the heal loss, I went this way:

1 Pt Holy Wave --> 3/5 Righteous Fury --> 5/5 Righteous Flurry --> 1/1 Descend
1 Fissure --> 5/5 --> HEavy Impact 3/5 --> Epicenter These nodes dead void damage in fishers vs fire damage because of the Temporal Disruption Passive. Seems to work well for trash and provide a little extra for the bosses. .

Undisputed + Eye of Reen work really well together on all 3 Sentinel masteries. I’ve been trying something similar to your build tonight, but I use Rebuke instead of Rive, and on my Paladin I use Holy Aura, Sigils, Lunge, Warpath, and Rebuke. Made it to around 190 in arena so far, will probably adjust some things to go further.

I prefer Sigils to Anomaly because they add lots of defense, last longer, and can refresh themselves on kill. They have the option to add some flat fire damage too, but I felt like I needed more defense and stuck with block.

Rebuke works nicely because while making you nearly invincible it refills your mana, works with channeling bonuses on gear if you have them, and gives you a massive attack speed & armor boost at the end of channeling.

I used to run a 2h build instead and made it to wave 198, but this DW setup does exponentially more damage at the cost of defense. I had about 50/50 block/effectiveness with my 2h, and nearly none with this. I think I’ll try out the ignite & Flame Burst nodes in Holy Aura tomorrow, and test the same gear setup on my Forge Knight to see how that does. There’s some interesting bleed and ignite options in both trees, and Divine Bolt + Axe Thrower proc a ton with this setup.

Honestly it’s a shame that 2h damage is so low by comparison. I don’t think a top tier rare or any of the uniques would be a match for this.

I don’t have the axe but I do have 2 Eye of Reen’s so I am wondering if I can use both of the swords and still be successful.