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100 0000 dps or def or other stats number

I have “silent” hope that this game will not compete on largest number of dps, def and other stats like Diablo 3 had, 150 milion dps or other shit, or 500% fire resist and still some noob can kill you using his “fire finger” in your “ass” :slight_smile:

I check this game on youtube and for now what I like.
-That you can only use 4 skills, plus mouse buttons. No need to use all buttons on keyboard.
-Graphics - For me looks very good.
-Skills - Very good. Some from other games but different that gave them they own originality.

What I dont like:
For now I can’t say anything, knowing that the game waiting long road to perfection.

I wish success for developers.

Thanks for the encouragement.

We have no intention of numbers going anywhere near as high as Diablo 3. We all agree that we’d like to keep the numbers as small as possible.

So how do defensive stats as well as resistances play for classes, do some classes receive special passive augmentation for equipment, or are they blanket stats like in Diablo’s 1/2 or Path of Exile? I’m curious as to how the balance will be, also if PvP is implemented, how will melee be balanced out to have a chance against Ranged/Magic users, as most games leave melee in the dangle area, or make them far too powerful. I enjoyed Diablo 2 and Diablo 1’s system, Diablo 3 I lost interest in quickly as it became a dps check too quickly. Also if you’re going to minimize the numbers, which’ll be great, how do you think the numbers will stack against bosses/AI, will they be mobility based, recognizing ground effects and moving away or will they be more immersive? I like the look and feel of the game though, I have high hopes for it.

For now i like the numbers :slight_smile:
iam glad to see “only” 2xxx dmg number at critical hits for my Swipe 1h-Axe :slight_smile:

Anything going into 5-6 digit range is both unnecessary and an eyesore, in my opinion. You can scale damage without going into such absurd numbers. The exception to this is Disgaea. I like absurd numbers in those games :wink:

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