+1 to summon wolf bug/exploit

I found a pretty serious bug with a +1 to wolf that I get from a helmet. Not sure if I should type how the bug works on public forums because it is exploitable and you can get ifinite points in summon wolf.

I used it to get 3 points to my wolf to see how it was working but I stopped there and won’t use it anymore. I reported it as soon as I figured out what was happening. I ran across this bug accidentluyy

Actually im an idiot. It doesnt work. It is taking points away from random nodes and I didnt notice

It did mess up my tree pretty badly

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Glad you liked talking to yourself… I see it helped… :wink:

and yes, first time users do not usually see that LE removes a random point from other places in the tree when you remove the + gear… I think they do it expressly to prevent cheesing of the process but its pretty annoying when you are busy trying to min-max your gear before a run…

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