[1.1] Heavy'z Casual Loot Filters for all Classes v4.1

Ah. so they called it an affix. Okay, cool. Thx!

My personal items show with no name when they drop. This doesn’t happen without the filter or if they’re dropped after being picked up. Is this a game bug I should report?
EDIT: Worked this time. Now I’m confused

Thank you for your work! Awesome feature!

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This is related to Emphasize.

It’s a long time known bug that hasn’t been fixed.
It only happens sporadically though.

I could just show (without empsize) or recolour personal items, but I wanted to make them stick out

Thanks Heavy, this topic is the first thing I look for after each update.


Update for the future of this loot filter:

TL:DR Filter gets not adjusted based on economy, but will be updated for 1.0


I know most the people will think “you can do it”, but no I can’t do.
I have a fraction of dyslexic, and somethings are to complicated for me.

Can you make a casual loot filter for all classes into one loot filter?
Because, sometimes I feel losing a mine of gold playing with a character and dropping really good item for other class

The filter already has optional stuff to show/recolor class specific stuff for the other classes, just enable those rules.

As long as you don’t hide anything you will see stuff that is good for other classes as well.
If you use the recolour rule at the very bottom and copy it in a different color for other chars you could even differentiate loot that drops (if its for your current or potential other characters)

Thank you, as a new player to ARPGs I recognize this is a very powerful system (which I enjoy) but is very overwhelming.


So with yesterdays news post it was already expectable and with todays news post we got the confirmation:
We are getting new item base types in 1.0! This together with the addition of Falconer and Warlock Affixes I will be updating my Loot Filter for 1.0.

I will do this live on twitch, asap when the patch drops. You can expect an updated filter within the first hour of the patch going live.

If you wanna watch that process or watch me playing on release come stop by and say hi.
I will be playing Warlock Hit/Crit Chaos Bolt!


Just another reminder for people who want to use my filter.
I will update it asap, once the servers are live.

I hope to get it out within the first hour of the patch release.


Filter has been updated for 1.0.

Forum is not working properly right now.

Cannot upload xml files and changelog.
Will do this later.

Pastebin’s are up to date.


Nice, really like the filters.
Is there any way there could be a General one so I dont hide items for my friends that I play with ?

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Thank you!

The filter already does work like this.
There are optional rules to show rare loot for other classes.

Just tick the the two recolor rules “All Class-Specific Gear/Idol”. (The Pink and turquoise rules)

Generally my filter is not hiding a lot of stuff and rather recoloring rare stuff.
The only stuff that is hidden is super low level stuff, which your friend, if you are roughly on the same level will also not be interested in.

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Hi, thank you for the good work.
I have a question about hiding items : is it possible to hide an item type which have not a specified attribute ?
for exemple, i’d like to hide every daggers if they don’t have spell power on it.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

No, you would need to specify this by base type.

Your example wit hthe dagger is rather easy though, becaus there is only one dagger base type that has Spell Damage in the Implicit

So you either:
a) Hide all Dagger Base Types that are not Rune Dagger
b) Specifically Show/Recolor Rune Daggers

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Ah, completely missed that. Mostly tried to get through the campaign this week but has been hard with the downtime. So didnt really look into the filter.
Thanks for the response.

Thank you Heavy! As always a huge help to the community.

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What’s needed for a small change, so that items for other classes also show, while everything else being left as intended by the filters?