1.0 Launch Retrospective

yooo so ready for all the years to come

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I work in this industry as an architect, and even though I really appreciate the post-mortem I do have some questions and concerns. Based on the very high level descriptions provided here it seems like the general solution architecture and information architecture is suboptimal.
Would it be possible to get a more in-depth description, maybe accompanied by some functional or technical architecture drawings?
I would like answers to specially questions like:
How are they hosted? Public cloud?
Is the architecture VM based? Containers? Serverless?

Once again, thanks for the post mortem and a fantastic game.

Please share the line, even fine without surrounding context. :slight_smile:

2000 word article instead of engaging with the multiple threads on your forums asking different questions…… So many fanboys D riding everything you put like it’s any real communication. Great you made a mistake and learned a lesson…… ok. We don’t need 2000 words explaining that. How about why Marksmen bow builds are so ass, can I get 10 words on that?


THANK YOU to the team!

Thank you very much for this blog detailing in a bit more detail what happened during your launch. It’s refreshing to get this kind of info, to see a bit behind the curtain and see the other side of things, having been there for the whole period on the player side myself. Keep up the good work.
I also want to say that, while some people on discord or social media have gone a bit overboard with their comments and behaviour for sure, I believe that we gamer folks are generally good people with a lot of passion for our hobby - and with lots of passion come lots of emotions which can drive you to speak out rashly and impulsively at times. But I think that you, too, have gotten the main message that we were sending to you: Your game is a lot of fun, and we just want(ed) to play it =)

Thought the same thing, I literally went “OH MAN” out loud when I got to that line!

Thank you very much for including us on what happened during those times… I hope we can still get some server stability issues priortized… It seems most issues are appearing when in party and load screens be forever loading. Alot, I hope we can find a middle ground solution for the different type of servers so that different regions can play together smoothly.

Every person, no matter what he doth, must rely on his Conscience. The more developed the Conscience, the higher the Morality, and from here everything else cometh. :face_with_monocle: :sunglasses:

I’m just saying that I love the game and that I’m excited to see the sequel. :melting_face:

Not sure if you guys have realized this yet, but if you choose to abandon an echo you now get sent to The End of Time instead of being sent back to the little island you were in before entering the echo.

This is probably going to cause more churn than you expected, because as people decide to abandon echoes that have spires you get kicked back to The End of Time and then have to navigate back to the correct timeline, then enter the echo again. I’ve already had one case tonight where I got spires 3x in a row, which meant … what, 6? extra zone transitions from that alone. Multiplied by however many other people are doing the thing.