0 Cooldown Roar(Warcry) Bug (Potentially big for Maelstrom stacking)

Loving the new Rampage qol this patch and trying to make it a main skill.

Found a Huuuge unintended interaction.
I am currently using Intimidating Cry to automate Warcry. I used to keep Warcry on my bar to keep track of the cooldown but decided to remove it for the all Rampage meme.
To my surprise UNLIMITED POWAAAR! (Warcry)
It seems removing the skill from the bar makes the game think it has no cooldown and hence I can spam warcry at the end of rampage(as I have Unending storm, no cooldown for rampage).

My build is using Maelstrom for the lightning bolts so not a huge deal here but this can make for some sick Maelstrom stacking.

While its obviously an unintended interaction and can be abused rn for massive maelstrom stacks or 100% uptime of warcry buffs, I think a lowered warcry cooldown from Intimidating Cry+Unending Storm is quite interesting and encourages to build around Warcry as a damage dealing spell.

Edit: I haven’t tested it but maybe the Warcry on crit node also might have this bug (If anyone could test)

Also this could make perma stun/freeze viable if you remove shallow breath (lol didn’t think of that)

Yeah def busted with the Maelstrom stacks https://imgur.com/a/DdTPImL

Thanks for the report! We’ll work on a fix.

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Secondary issue:

Even with Warcry on the bar, if you cast Warcry as you are mid Rampage it will double cast and then bugs the cooldown causing to have to cooldown twice in a row from what I can tell.

Hard to be certain as it causes visual bugs on the skill cooldown as well.

Take ur time with fixing it, need to play it now :P. Things like that makes this game so fun. There always need to be one Fotm class, or more.

Arr i see, post is older, it got patched already :frowning:

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