0 ABV Cocktails For This Weekend

For all my ARPG’ers out there who are about to have a chill post-July-4th weekend and maybe stay home and make a burger on the grill - but also don’t consume alcohol - I have a thing for you:

My own 0 ABV Cocktail recipes for you to try out: Link

The method on all of these is you throw all the ingredients in about a 12 oz glass, top off with the soda listed and stir slightly. Couldn’t be easier, but it might surprise you how good some of these taste.

These are ideas I’ve been experimenting with over the last several weeks. I really hope you enjoy them. My brain is weird and I tried to make these taste more like fruit / citrus than a cocktail, so I don’t think there’s anything too similar to these out there. If you like them, I will surely be adding more to the list from time to time.

My favorite is the Fruit Punch Spritzer. It’s a little more of a hassle, but that thing tastes amazing. But if you wanna keep it simple, Lime, Cranberry and Sprite is about as good.

I will also say, if you’re gonna try these, lime quality matters a lot. If you have a fancier grocery store in town, just go in for the limes. You can also substitute regular orange bitters or some dashes of Angostura instead of Hella Cocktail bitters, if you can’t find that brand where you live.

Edit: I guess I should mention that these recipes are designed with convenience in mind. The only thing you’re supposed to have to do here is squeeze some fruit in a squeezer. A lot of people like me are too lazy or just don’t have the time to make simple syrups* at home. If that’s you, then seltzer is right out because lots and lots of fruit juices mixed with just seltzer aren’t going to be sweet enough or strong enough to taste good after dilution. That’s why I tested all of these with Ginger Ale, Sprite or some other citrus soda that already has real or artificial sweetener in it. (Also, if you use soda with sugar in it, you might play with the ratio’s a little because I was using artificially sweetened sodas to test all of these, except the one with Coca Cola in it. These might be too sweet or not sweet enough with regular, either way.)

*If you’re not in the know, here: Simple Syrup is sugar dissolved in water with heat. You have to do this because normally sugar doesn’t dissolve in water quickly enough or completely enough for it to be convenient to make drinks by just adding sugar to them. And if you’re putting sugar in a drink randomly, there usually isn’t enough water left to fully dissolve it, so it either falls to the bottom and you don’t taste it or it gets on your teeth and feels gritty. Either way, you generally want sugar dissolved in your drink.



This is pretty friggin’ cool. Not really my thing but I’ll bet plenty of folks will love this.

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Thanks! I hope so too. These were a lot of fun to come up with. I’m kinda excited to see if people find them unique / interesting.

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This is the sorta topic that needs pics! I havent been able to drink for 2 years and it sucks. Half the fun of drinking was what the drink looked like.

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That’s an awesome suggestion; I think you’re right. I watch a lot of mixology videos on Youtube and that is kind of half the fun. I guess I should try making some of these look fancy and see what you guys think. :smile:

Also, there’s finally a drink with pineapple in it on there; I didn’t fail the one I tested with it this time, haha.

@fknflo Figured you would appreciate this:

This is my Fruit Punch Spritzer. Still tastes like heaven to me. :tropical_drink:


Looks great, much respect for caring enough to post pics, hell, even remember! I dont even remember what alochol tastes like, its hard going out with friends (especially where I live, Vegas). The shitty thing is I never had a drinking problem or enjoyed drinking particularly, Im just not allowed to after a small stroke.

Looks great though, good one!

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Ah man, that’s rough. I wish things hadn’t turned out that way. And of course, man! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

If you decide to slap one of these together one weekend, let me know what you think. Maybe there’s a bartender out there who would make you something similar also.

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I have always been a finance person. Playing video poker was a huge part of my recovery as weird as it sounds, lets just say there are quite a few bartenders who arent super fond of me. I would always play at pubs, where alochol is “free” if you are playing, but is normal to toss $2-3 per drink. Then there I am, with a giant 50 ounce container of water :rofl:

And for sure, I will go through that spreadsheet and see whats up. Im sure I can conjure something up :grinning:

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