0.9 experience so far

To start off this feedback, I tried patch 0.9 after not playing for like ½ year. I was very excited to try all the new changes and here I am.
So far, I love the visual changes, the game looks great and the new 3D models are fantastic. But this is not about praise but the negatives, so let me rant a bit.

For starters, from a beginners point of view, the early addition of Void Despair is kinda crazy. If you were a complete new player, you will die many times to those monsters. The game for a new player is not appealing if you die 10+ times before entering CC. The fire AoE monsters is a good unit to learn to not stand still in the game, but Void Despair seems very overkill. And not only that, those void units after Cultist Camp is already hard enough. Adding Void Despair is like catering for the pro players and the game is not finished yet (still waiting for the last 3 classes etc.) It’s way too early to go the Path of Exile route, and thats not good.

I was fortunate to find Thorn Slinger since it’s good for my build early. But the +1 phys skills boost mess u visual when skills level up. I had 1 point in 3 skills, i used 1 point and the other 2 skills lost their skill point. I go to town and they are back again. Turns out they are always there, the 1 at skills symbol is just invisible. That is very confusing.

Taking a Tp place me very far buttom right of the map and it’s always 5-10 sec walk from the portal. That is kinda annoying if u need Gambler next to portal in End of Time or the shop etc.

The game feels very smooth, but when i click on stuff there is up to 1 sec delay before i pick up an item and i can walk far away before item is picket up.

Before i took my break and the merge with Steam, i played HC. I started again with SC just in case and im very happy with that, because first time I died was after i took my TP back and when loading was done I was dead. This has never happened before. and I have played Last Epoch since the birth. At some point I noticed an immortal buff in an area and i wished that was active every time you load a new area, since it would prevent the problem.

So far im still gonna play since i love LE but my OCD gonna mess my head with the 1 death, that my own problem, and I can not wait to try more classes with the update.

Just 1 question: Is there a date announced for the last 3 classes?

TY for the good job so far and thank you for this great game.

1.0, which the devs hope will be this year (though they’ve said that for several years running about mp).

Thanks for the reply, can’t wait to try them out. I hope they make it this time.

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