0.9 channelled flurry


I’m experiencing a bug with channelled flurry. Basically when I quickly use some other ability, say shuriken, then click flurry to attack few times and then try to move to dodge something, the flurry just keeps attacking even after letting go of the skill button, causing me to be unable to move and most likely failing to dodge anything. It’s not a gamebreaking bug and it occurs rather rarely, but still in a higher tier monolith and bossfight it’s somewhat annoying if I die because of it. I’ll try to add a video of it when I get back to my own pc in friday.

EDIT: It happens when you activate any ability and instantly after click flurry. Flurry immediatelly stays on and channels without pressing anything more. Pressing left click has nothing to do with this, so my mistake when I said that previously.

Regards, Koikkis

I am also experiencing this bug, however, it is perfectly easy to reproduce 100% of the time and consequently happens ALL the time in normal play.

Playing a poison Hail of Arrows/Channeled Flurry build.

  1. Cast Hail of Arrows.
  2. Immediately cast Flurry. No channeling, just a tap of the action button.

I am stuck in a Flurry channel without pressing the action button. The action bar even signifies you’re not pressing anything with the ‘Fade’ feedback from pressing action buttons.

The channel only discontinues if you press another ability.
You can run out of mana, and the character still continues to channel Flurry, without actually shooting any arrows.
It doesn’t matter where you aim either ability.

We’re aware of all channeling abilities bugging out when you do a quick button press. We’re working on fixes.

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Also just to add in case its useful, I’ll get the dry-fire where the skill runs and drains my mana but no arrows come out. Dry-firing can get stuck as well. Usually this is insta-death with my current build since I lose my leech. It seems to be more common when in melee range of an enemy and less common/non-existent when enemies are far away.