0.9.1 Trailer/Dev blog schedule?

Is there any schedule for the FULL trailer or forum posts for 0.9.1? Typically Teasers come out with a date for the full trailer/dev blog and its kinda rough trying to sift through the Devstream to see if Mike talked about it.

I was planning on starting a new Bladedancer but if 0.9.1 features a rework of acts or a new act, then I would rather just wait for it and experience it all.

Usually a few days before the patch.

Yeah I saw the Teaser, I mean a Full Trailer like what’s new content in the patch, new dungeon/skill/areas, etc.

Based on prior YouTube videos, that is the trailer.

Assuming one is made, the patch overview video will be next, followed by patch notes (much closer to release date).

Note that for 0.9, the patch overview was posted with the patch notes a day or two before the patch release