0.9.1 is here, but whats that worth if it is unplayable?

In my case (playing offline - which developers seem to hate) i cant progress the game. Liked act 1 quite a lot, but after killing “the boss” and saving the guy in the cage, nothing happens. Tried several times and there is no quest log and nothing to do there or in town. Good patch.

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That has always been the case because they’ve not yet implemented “proper” offline.

Got in aaaaand…Connecting…gives up, repeat…cool update for the few that can play it

No, the messages are not supposed to be shown when the Chat is disabled. But in this patch, you see them anyway. It’s pretty annoying.

In offline mode, Try enabling and disabling Chat in the settings to reset it… For me it works and changes the Chat Channel to None… Then I get no chat messages - but you do have to do this for each char it seems.

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With only 5k players online at patch start and the game just crumbling I just don’t see how 1.0 is possible before end of 2023.

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been saying this since MP patch… I understand it’s a small dev team etc… but excuses only go so far every patch has monumental issues

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Once again, why do you say devs have abandoned offline?

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That’s not what you said. Offline mode doesn’t have chat disabled by default. It has ever been thus.

…every? you might’ve missed a few patches

Towns being busted, I really don’t think that’s a “monumental” issue. And they’ve since temporarily reverted it. It’s also a completely separate issue from the issues at 0.9 launch. It’s a brand new feature on server side that clearly cracked under pressure but will be fixed soon enough.

we shall see