0.8.4 Werebear leveling feedback + summary

Hello guys.

I recently picked up Last Epoch again and played the first time again to endgame since like 10 months when Lagon was the last campaign boss. Last time as a Rogue this time as the new fluffy updated (visually and mechanically) Werebear.

I scaled mainly physical damage + melee phys, hit damage using Maul and Upheaval as main damage source while Swipe was my buff and filler skill.

I had no leveling uniques for melee or any good melee items i could salvage from other characters so my gear was not optimal and so the boss damage,

But zooming around and smashing packs was fun, while being sturdy in most boss figths.

Compilation of campaign boss fights and later early endgame + first Dungeon. Including all rips as well for the laughs.

Sorted in chronological order.


My current setup as the often used EQ Werebear. Nothing special. Still mostly phys gear and str/att stacking. Current skills: Swipe (Buffing + 17% cull) / Werebear form (triggers Fury Leap) / Fury Leap (creates vines) / Spriggan form (vines generate rage) / Earthquake

Longterm i will switch to Leviathan carver and replace EQ with another skill which i could spam more and makes it feel less clunky.

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