[0.8.4] The SwipeSerker 500+

With all those Earthquake-Werebear-Builds running around i am sharing with you my newest update on the Swipe-Version of Werebear. I did a guide on that in 0.82 which you can find here: The Armor Hoarder Arena 500+ The basics are still the same but many things have changed with the arrival of the Druid-Rework.

I´ll link you my Planner down below (mix of my current gear + wishlist): Druid, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.4d) - Last Epoch Build Planner

This build is once again a 500+ Arena pusher like it was in 0.82 if you manage to get all the gear that makes it really powerfull. Before we start here are some numbers you can reach with this build: 4k Hp, 50%+ Armor, 50-70% dodge, 200% atk speed, , 65k+ Dummy dmg with Swipe, 150k+ Dummy dmg with Maul, great Hp Leech! The EHP sits around 80k and if you invest more into crit chance you can even run around with Bastion of Honour to go 150k+… pls dont do it :smiley:

Here is the character sheet during a short “fight” against the dummy

Lets start with the Playstyle:
The basics are still the same. You try to hit as many mobs as possible with swipe to get a good amount of leech which is very important for your suviveabilty. Every now and then you have to dodge attacks or reposition yourself with rampage like you did in the past (with Charge).

What´s new?

  • new Passive Tree Breakpoints:
    make sure you pick nodes until you get the bonus. You will need every point there is for something else! (hint: 1/5 of “Impervious” is enough. You lose them too fast if not fighting a boss)

  • Interaction of Maul and the Leap skilltree:
    you get a big dmg on top of your Swipe with its 30% + to global atk speed and 100% + to global dmg (“Rage” node) if you use Maul every 3 seconds (with planner gear your at 2.8s.).

  • no need for Attunement:
    in the past we had to go for 25 Attunement to make Swipes Mana cost 2 (for easy perma transform). Now we can spend passive points and affixes for Strength and other usefull things instead.

  • Warcry while in Werebearform:
    Thanks to new Roar we are able to spec into Warcry. This means you get another source of ailment cleanse, a 1sec invulnerability (very powerful in combat) and a big buff to flat dmg and atk speed (which was really needed…!). But probably the most interesting thing it unlocks is the possibility to cast multiple stacks of Maelstrom which we will talk about later.

  • Rage Cost:
    you dont care about Rage! Take a few points in the rage regeneration opportunities and you have enough recovery even against a few mobs. In This build you wanna Re-Transform intentionally every 10 sec or when you have to use Leap in emergency situations (bc your rampage is on cooldown and you have to increase the distance between you and your foes). This grants you a perma buff thanks to the passive nodes "Shapeshifter and “Tiger Spirit”. The Transform skill itself has now a cooldown of 6 seconds. This is short enough to dont bother about perma Werebear. Just Re-Transform before you lose your buff or when you are near 0 rage.

  • Swipe and Maelstrom interaction in Werebearform:
    As you have seen in the Build Planner, we have multiple Affixes of “increased dodge”. The reason for this is the creation of many Maelstromstacks while in Werebearform. The skilltree itselfs grants us base dodge rating, haste, frenzy, a bit chill chance and healing. In combat you can reach stacks of 10-20 depending on the rng and mob density.


To make the build viable in terms of dmg output and survivability you have to have really good gear. I wouldn´t recommend this build as a beginner build. For that, probably go Eearthquake-Maul.
You don´t need Legendaries in the build BUT of course they are nice to have. For example a non legendary “Aurora´s Time Glass” is good enough to reach 50% dodge. you can even try it without a unique version of it but i wouldnt recommend it… The “Siphon of Anguish” is a nice buff to multiple things, mainly to improve our dmg. Same for “Undisputed”. If you dont get a legendary version of it with flat crit chance, go for another “Eagle Wing”.

What do i want to seal? and hints!

- Weapons - Gloves:
Depending on your gear you want at least 1 source of “frailty on hit”, “chill on hit” and the most important (bc of the more dmg for Swipe - “Trapper” node) “Slow on hit”. So make sure you get them all. In the beginng capping crit avoidence like you see in the planner will be pretty hard. you wanna take the CA Blessing instead and craft the “Slow on hit” on your weapon (T5+ is important).

- Helmet - Chest:
A really good Affix you wanna seal on your helmet and your chest is “Critical Strike Multi…”. even a T1 has a good value which makes it a better Sealing than the regular 4 Affixes shown in the Planner. Im currently running around with a +2 Werebearform Prefix bc i need it for endurance cap. if you manage to get your endurance without the extra points, there is not that much good stuff on the Werebearskilltree. It´s a bit sad but i would go for cooldown recovery or vitality instead then.

- Relic:
you could go for frailty here, too but i recommend you to go for a + to Skill. Swipe would be good bc you can increase your kill threshold to 14%. Having a +2 Warcry on the relic is really important bc you want the “pull” effect on it (less moving to hit “all” mobs simultaniously). Dont take the “pull” effect on leap bc you would lose too much dmg and the ability to recast within its cooldown. Remember you are dealing perma maelstrom dmg which is enough to prevent you from getting the “full health” more dmg bonus on leap!

Go for “increased Armor”. Having vitality over strength as a Prefix is okay, too.

- Belt:
Go for “Ailment cleanse” or “1 extra potion”. Then craft “Increased physical dmg” because the whole build goes phys.

- the rest:
Take what ever you want or need!

Of course you can do even better stuff as soon as you get other legendaries but i wanted this build as practical as possible and not something you only theorycraft on.

If you have questions feel free to ask or take a look in the old guide for “The Armor Hoarder” :slight_smile:


question, there is only 1% of dodge chance at your planner

Always nice to have someone sharing builds but wrong thread?

Thanks for the reminder.

You get the dodge with stacks of Maelstrom. Without casting it you dont have base dodge (except the rating you get with dex). In fight you can get 50%+ depending on the gear and how many stacks you have.

oh, cool, I see. It seems so tanky!

Will the build change too much and will I lose overall power if I switch Fury Leap for Upheaval?

I did not test that but it should be good, too. Dont forget you will lose 30% atk speed, 100% increased global dmg and the ability to recast maul on kill (+ the extra leap dmg of course).
This is a good buff for you main dmg Swipe!

Thanks for the reply.! I’ll stick to the guide then, and I may tryi Upheaval later with another build.

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