[0.8.3] Mordarim's Lootfilter Template Guide and Explanation

Complete Guide and Explanation

This lootfilter template provides you with as much controll over each drop as you can possibly get, while also allowing an immense amount of customization. Farming affixes, target farming bases, cherry picking idols, farming class idols, multiple rarity tiers for every gearslot and more.

Interested? Watch the video above to get an indepth look into the filter with on screen information to every rule. Or you can just download the filter and check it out yourself.

Template Filter.xml (118.6 KB)
This Filter is optimized for my newest upcoming build! Can you guess the build?

Any like, comment and sub would be greatly appreaciated, this thing and the video took a long time to make! I hope you guys like it!




First of, great post. Very concise explanation of your approach. I typically keep my loot filters to a minimum:

  • Leveling armour rule
  • Leveling weapon rule
  • One rule for each base item type (with desired affixes)
  • Shatter rule
  • General HP idols
  • Idols I need for my build
  • Set/exalted/unique

But I do need to expand my loot filter on some builds, and your approach might suite those needs. Thanks!

Glad you like it! I hope you will find some use out of it!

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