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0.8.3 Manifest Armour Forgeguard - Summon Best Friend

Youtube Build Guide
Catch me live on Twitch

It is time for the next update for Manifest Armour. A lot of things have changed since the last patch, so a new build guide was warranted! The video covers the most important aspects of the build, but I am going to go into a bit more detail about gearing and passives here.

I have played this build in regular Hardcore till level 100 during last patch and achieved level 92 in Hardcore Solo so far during this patch. Insane build that, with a few adjustments for softcore, can be even nuttier for single target and clearspeed. 10/10 build!

Changes from last Patch

  • removed Juggernaut Stance: we will miss it, but there are alternatives.
  • Solomun’s Step cannot be gambled for anymore, instead we farm Spirits of Fire for the unique boots nodes
  • Lunge got reworked and is providing many great bonuses such as 15% kill threshold, faster recovery speed as well as healing missing health on use
  • we gain 14% Endurance from the Paladin tree. We lose some health in the process, but with a Grand Blessing from Spirit of Fire (15-27%) we can almost cap it out without investing any suffixes into it

How to skill Manifest Armour


  • Titan Mace: Manifest Armour equips your weapon
  • Force of Impact: 1 flat physical damage per 10 armour on Body Armour
  • Steel Greaves: get increased stats from Boots
  • Redistributed Steel: big damage multiplier
  • Remaining points into Stun Immunity (Thick Padding) and increased stats


  • Q: Why don’t we use Dash Boots? A: The charge attack has a cooldown of 6 seconds and deals less damage than regular attacks. With high movement speed, this node is completely unnecessary
  • Q: Why don’t we use Whirlwind Strike? A: This minion skill has a 10 second cooldown and will not do much in the overall spectrum of things. In fact, it will lower your boss DPS.
  • Q: Why don’t we use leech over regen? A: The minion will only recover health when attacking which can leave you in a bad spot. Health regen always works and benefits both your minion and yourself, keeping your health bar nice and filled to the max.

Achieving 100% minion crit chance

It is quite easy to reach 100% crit chance on the minion. Target bases are Ranseur (8% base crit) or Sovnya (7% base crit) with T5 added Crit Chance. A T6 roll can go up to 15%, but we don’t bet on that, do we? Another base that is often mentioned is the Lucerne (2h mace) which has a whooping 10% base crit, but it cannot roll Minion Melee Damage on suffix, which means you cannot benefit from 200% increased damage from there. It can still be worthwhile early on if you find a decently rolled one, but for endgame a Ranseur or Sovnya will be way better.

Sources of increased crit chance are:

  • Solarum Gloves: up to 40% crit chance from implicit and up to 50% from T5 prefix (quadrupled from Manifest Armour passives for up to 360% crit chance)
  • Amulet: up to 35% minion crit chance from implicit

Sources of increased crit multi are:

  • Solorun’s Step: up to 105% crit multi (quadrupled to up to 420%)
  • Rings: up to 35% each from implicit
  • Helmet: up to 25% from implicit (quadrupled to up to 100%)

Melee damage and attack speed on gloves, helmet and body armour are highly relevant as well, which is why we want things like Vengeance on Helmet (up to 240% melee damage) and Forge Strike + Warpath on Body Armour (up to 540% melee damage). We might not need the extra skill points, but the increases to melee damage are insane.

We use the other item slots to fix out any other stats that we need like resistances, crit avoidance and such.


We don’t level with minion skills until later, so make sure to not spec into Hammer & Anvil before you rely on only Manifest Armour and / or Forge Strike minions. Instead, choose top row passives from the Forgeguard tree to get to Folded Steel, which gives insane value for the minions. Afterwards, invest into the Paladin tree for easy resistances and unlocking Sigils of Hope.

Once you get the relevant nodes, focus on defensive nodes and never look back. :slight_smile:


Hello, thank you for the build guide - this came just in time for me as I am levelling a forge guard and my own build I put together is just not working out. Switched to your build and proceeded to one shot the rest of the campaign including act 9 boss. Build deserves more views and attention - thanks again for sharing.

Just a couple questions - how important is flat life regen on gloves and helm like you have it on planner… for the minion? This ties in to my second question because I rolled crit avoidance on gloves instead of the flat life regen like you have it - does the armor minion benefit from crit avoidance and endurance?

Hi there! To keep your minion alive, you really only have two options. Either, you sacrifice one suffix on your weapon and get leech, but lose armour shred or melee damage, or you get flat life regen. You also heal it passively with Ring of Shields, but that cannot be the only thing.

Your minion benefits from Endurance and Crit Avoidance, so those can be valuable stats. However, you only need 34% on your body armour implicit since your minions gains 3x the stats from it (34 x 3 = 102). You can definitely sacrifice some flat life regen on helmet or gloves for something else if necessary. The most important regen roll is on the Belt anyway. :wink:

When pushing 300+ corruption on Manifest this ring is useful, Minions cannot be crit, Minion leech, fairly certain the ring snapshots on summon so you dont need to wear it actively, but Frailty on hit imo is mandatory at that point for your weapon roll

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That is how minions (& spells) work, yes.

I’m not complete on this yet (far from it) but I’m not seeing where the clear can come from. Bosses melt, but clearing trash is so slow. What am I missing?

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Really nice! to be honest I never realized that you can have pet with the sentinel class…so much intresting possibilities with LE!!!

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This looks like so much fun!

This makes me think of one thing that is not fun for about current Last Epoch design: slower clearing builds are punished in the grind for echos, corruption, getting blessings. Building heavy hitters is great, but if you’re having one slow tanky boss killing build as part of your portfolio of characters, getting them to a corruption level that matters is grueling.

Heya! In the clips I provide in my build guide video you see that I can clear quite quickly still, because normal and magic mobs pop in one hit. If you are struggling for clear while looking for upgrades, exchange one defensive skill (probably Sigils) for Forgestrike and add some more minions to your setup. It will do wonders

There are always up- and downsides to builds. This one doesn’t take the speed record for monoliths, but is an absolute unit for bosses. The build can be changed to deal with crowds better, but it requires sacrificing one skill (Lunge, Sigils, Ring of Shields) for Shield Throw and spec out of Hammer & Anvil from the Forgeguard tree. Shield Throw has a node called Manifest Inspiration which triggers an AoE swing from Manifest Armour every time you hit it for the cost of defences.

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I’m so glad I saw this. I am leveling with the shield throw setup and having an absolute blast. The fact that I am using a shield also provides a decent defense which sort of making up the lacking of Hammer and Anvil. Also the attack rate of the minion skyrocks with shield throw setup leading to a way more active playstyle. I am considering stacking armor shred effect as endgame damage output

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hi do u have a leveling guide on your build?

Hey there, I talk a little about the leveling process in the video. Basically, you choose either Warpath or Rive as a leveling skill and later add Forge Strike

ah yes, what i meant was if u have any leveling guide so that i don’t need to respec till higher level?

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