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0.8.21 - pure lightning blast - sorcerer supremacy


This is my LIGHTNING BLAST build.

I don’t usually make guides and I probably won’t see myself being a content/guide creator but this is a build that I’m very passionate about and I’d like to share it and see more people play pure LIGHTNING BLAST build because I think it’s by far the strongest and most efficient build when it comes to survivability, clear speed and resources.

Not to mention that it scales way way harder than Elemental Nova would due to the nature of the idols, and helmet (not having to use Ashen Crown for example, allows you to get up to +4 in either LIGHTNING BLAST or Elemental Nova)

In this video I explain very very thoroughly about the build, pardon my pacing and the free-flow vibe.

If I may add, the existence of shock and how it stuns is also one of the biggest reason why this build is insanely good.

See you in game.

Build planner?