[0.8.2] Wast3d's Lightning Blast - Showcase & Beginner's Guide

like @Heavy already explained, plz take a look at the lootfilter section and try to understand how my filter works, especially if you want to use it on a differing build, so you can adjust it to your needs. if you have further questions or feedback regarding the filter, feel free to ask.

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@wast3d Thank you for the guide and build! I’ve only gotten to level 65 so far but it’s the smoothest leveling experience I’ve had. It’s a little slow before ice barrage but after that it’s amazingly fast and fluid to play. The only thing I’ve played that comes close to this is detonating arrow marksman.

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Thanks for sharing, this is a great beginner build to get people’s feet wet with content/passives/etc.

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welcome to the community, glad you enjoy it! GL HF


Working through the campaign and having a blast, how does the 0.8.2 patch impact this? It looks like there will be some changes to the Idols at least, but I don’t really know what that means for the strength of the character.

hey, there are some minor changes for the build coming, here are are the relevant patch changes:

  • Reduced base mana regen to 8 (from 10).

  • Greatly Increased values of increased mana regen affix (max T5 has gone from 17% to 35%).

  • The Sorcerer’s Brainstorm grants 6% increased spell damage (from 7%), but now also grants 2% increased mana regen.

  • The Sorcerer’s Spell Slinger grants 3% increased mana regen instead of 3% increased cast speed.

  • Sapphire Rings now require level 40 (from 16). They now grant 10 to 20 mana (from 5 to 15) and also grant 6% to 12% increased mana regen.

  • The increased mana regen affix can no longer roll on gloves, but can now roll on belts and amulets.

  • Added mana can no longer roll on boots, but can now roll on gloves.

so the build will continue to invest heavy in mana regen, which after the patch is more effective, there are also some minor changes to skilltrees coming, which are not related to the patch and some changes to gearing/ base items with the intention to easier cap resists.
i will also scrap the diffrent build planners in the BiS-section and make only one with the fractured crown as the only unique, there will be a section mentioning other uniques to consider.

we can still equip 4 2x2 adorned idols, which got a slight nerf, but we can now equip 4 additional 1x1.

so since the changes will be minor you should have no problem playing the 0.8.1 version of the build, i’ll post all things that get updatet asap.

edit: welcome to the forum!

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Thanks for the info! The build has been fantastic so far, hanging out at level 66 currently. I look forward to your updates and greatly appreciate all the effort you’ve put into this guide as it has been a great introduction to the game.

Skills, Passives, Gear, Lootfilter etc updated to 0.8.2

@caffeine3194 glad you enjoy it, GL HF!

Yo. I appreciate the build guide, been enjoying it.
It seems the Arcane Ascendance skills tree pic is using the Ice Barrage one by mistake.

thank you, fixed it.

Hay @wast3d loving the build I have a question my tool tip Dps sitting in town is 15k when I Proc Lightning Aegis it goes to 24.5k but when I go inside my Monolith it drops from anywhere to 8k-12k why is that Have I done something wrong I am level 71 I am Currently Running The stolen lance area which is level 60 I am getting down Scaled sorry for the question I am very new to the game :smiley:

All good I figured it out I Think I have been running Fallacy Amulet and when it Crit it loses me a lot of dps I switched out for a rubbish amulet for now and my dps is way better :slight_smile:

Just a small heads up: there is a bug with Lagons hitbox (already reported), which prevents Lightning Blast’s Closed Circuit from working. I recommend obtaining the fractured Crown before trying to kill him in the Monolith.
Just found this yesterday, always played without damage numbers and thought “what a big guy” and never checked the char sheet to see if the buff is working during the fight till yesterday :sweat_smile:

HEllo @wast3d , i followed your guide on my first playthrough. thank you for the explanation on each section. 1 question on Fractured Crown that removes wards capability. why do we still have the flame ward skill? is it all for the buffs without the ward?

welcome to the forum!
yes, flame ward is still really strong without ward, and regarding defense it’s the best option we have. it’s defensive skilling the guide refers to makes it to proc when we get stunned, so we don’t need to cast it ourselfes. It has a baseline damage reduction of 30% (multiplicative) a node with 40% less hit damage taken (also multiplicative) and depending on how you choose to skill it another node with 30% less elementel damage taken (also multiplicative with the other modifiers). Instead of the latter you can also choose to put these points into ‘Mental Aegis’ for damage dealt to Mana before health, may be worth it if your fractured Crown has a bad roll on this mod.
Also check ‘Flame Ward’ specific skills section and mechanics section. Let me know if you find the information there lacking/ confusing.

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Hello @wast3d, a follow up question on FC. I have successfully made 3 FCs with the worst possible roll(+3 from lowest ratings) on all of them. I am wondering if this is pure RNG, or does the base GC has any effect on the roll? For example, i’ve used magic(blue) Gilded crowns, but will using rare GCs, albeit more difficult, result to better rolls? thank you very much

It’s 100% total RNG, there is nothing you can do to increase your chances to get a better one other than doing it as often as possible and get as many crowns as possible^^



thank you very much. im having so much with this build and while learning LE mechanics. you rock

it’s not the first time i hear this from players trying to get a good fractured crown. I’m curious how it went, did you get a better one? I haven’t made the FC in a while but i’ll try to make some this evening.

Found some time for some quick testing:

  • out of 25 Gilded Crowns i got 5 Fractured Crowns
  • on all of them i slapped excess Affixes: Intelligence, Vitality, Armour, Health
  • all five have the minimum roll on all 3 Affixes

So there is either a bug, or a deterministic component the devs sneakly implemented.
Also when i look at the other i made some time ago, there is no one like the other one.
I’ll do some more testing this evening with the excess Affixes and with Affixes like Lightning Critical Strike Multiplyer and Damage dealt to Mana before Health

This most definitely is a bug.

I did some testing way back, when they reimplemented this item.
I did dozens of tests with different affixes and it never ever mattered.

Should create a bug report for that. Maybe with player logs attached.