[0.8.2] Wast3d's Lightning Blast - Showcase & Beginner's Guide

Following your guide, why do you switch off increased lightning/ spell damage on the wands after the idols? why not both?

it is what works best for me, of course you run others if you like.
The reason I want Damage Affix on wand until the Idols is that we want to avoid to high up-ramp times (LB’s closed circuit) regarding damage against the average enemy.
once we have the idols we have sufficient unbuffed damage so we can swap this for cast speed:

LB’s ‘Closed Circuit’ scales best with cast speed, thats the reason we want as much as possible. ‘Closed Circuit’ is also the reason we want Crit Multiplyer becouse we aim for 100% crit chance. So the faster our Cast Speed the:

  1. more DPS overall
  2. faster we are at 100% Crit Chance
  3. higher the increased damage granted from LB’s ‘Closed Circuit’
    also read through the mechanics section for more detailed info.

Hey, thanks for the amazing guide. This is my 1st character in Last Epoch. Been playing PoE so I kinda know how ARPG works.

I don’t understand why are you not investing in resistances. Do we get it from passive tree/skill tree? Or you are making a glass cannon build?

I try to maintain 75% resists across the board. That is why I am having a hard time allocating other suffixes recommended in the build guide.

hey, in LE it’s not that mandatory to cap resists bc you can layer many other defences. We get ele res from passives & teleport (almost capped) so we don’t need it on gear and can invest more into endurence / dodge. Phys res should be on bodyarmor, bc it has the highest Affix Effectiveness, and with good rolled t5 affixes for void and necrotic res we get ~50% which is totally fine.

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Thanks for the quick response and explanation.

On your Fractured Crown section, you mentioned " Make sure you have equipped the ‘Arcanist Robe’, ‘Sapphire Ring’ & ‘Invoker’s Static Touch’ ".

Is there any specific affixes on Arcanist Robe’ and ‘Sapphire Ring’ that we’re looking for ? The thing in common between all 3 items seems to be the mana implicits. Is this required in crafting the Fractured Crown?

I have bricked 36 Gilded Crowns going for the 50 instability, mostly due to fracture. Seems that a better start would be a normal/magic Gilded Crowns, add new affixes then push evenly. This will give us the greatest chance to reach 50 instability.

Thanks in advance.

AFAIK what you are wearing has nothing to do with the crafting (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

I think the ‘mana implicits’ that you are refering to, which is mentioned in this post, is due to
Trying to go for 300+ mana for the Idol double bonuses to increased lightning damage.

I’m currently also trying to get the Fractured crown - 8 bricked gilded crowns so far, so can’t say that I’ve successfully crafted a FC yet.

From my perspective, the droprate of the Gilded crowns are lower than my glyph of the guardian rate, so I try to minimize the waste of Gilded crowns by always using GOTG.
And I only take the GOGTG out when I can craft a T5 mod with 11% destructive mod.

But I havn’t confirmed the math yet to see which is more efficient yet :).

It is not requiered for crafting the gilded crown, but for checking if we reach 300 Mana with it so we can equip the Idols. Reaching 300 Mana is the minimum requirement for our first fractured Crown

Thats the way I use. Using Rune of Cleansing on a rare Gilded Crown can also work especially if it leaves high instability on the item (range 5 to 15).

With 50 Instability, you would get 20% chance for a Destructive Fracture without GOTG when crafting a T4 Affix to T5.

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If I have 300 mana without Fractured Crown and I am having a +2 Lightning Blast on my helmet with T5 Lightning Crit Multi prefix with resists, Will Fractured Crown still be BiS?

I used my 2 points in Lightning Blast for Frontloaded.

I do not know how to check your LB DPS, in PoE, I’m using PoB. I just hit the dummy to see the biggest number for now. Currently the biggest single hit is 45000 (Crit with Arcane Ascendance).

this is a really good question. when reworking the guide for 0.8.1 (+x to skill and Fractured Crown reimplementation) I decided to go for FC, since getting a helmet with exalted ‘+X to LB’ and good ‘Lightning Crit Multi’ would be insane RNG dependend.
Even a mediocre Fractured Crown would be a) easyier to get and b) good overall for both offence and especially defence.

I haven’t found an exalted +x to LB Helm yet so i have not tested it. I’d suggest obtaining the Fractured Crown and testing with both against the Dummy. Let us know what you found out.

I can’t say anything regarding the DPS number you provided, since i don’t know how far you are with gear and passives etc, so testing both would be the best way to find out.

After 86 Gilded Crown, I am a proud owner of a Fractured Crown, thanks to you.

My Crown has 55% increased Crit Chance implicit with 109% Crit Multi. Defensively it has 20% damage dealt to mana (worst roll possible).

Based on 25 runs in Reign of Dragons at depth 35-60, it felt better because it seems like you have consistent “ward” in the form of mana which will feel better if I rolled better than 20% damage dealt to mana.

For the DPS, with the crown, my best crit with AA is 96.000 while my +2 LB only delivers 45.000. I can confirm for you that DPS is doubled by wearing the crown, so you are right.

The Fractured Crown is BIS for the build. I guess this is due to the fact that Crown has increased Crit Chance and Crit Multi.

Playing without ward with the crown, in the future, I will try to evaluate the use of flame ward and check a few alternative skills.

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flameward is still strong without ward due to its baseline and tree damage reduction, it also has a node that gives damage dealt to mana. Check Flame Ward specific Mechanic explenation and see the build planner for skill point distribution for more info on that.

After trying out other skills, you are right, flame ward seems to be the best skill right now. It can be used defensively with Mental Aegis (health protected by mana) or offensively by taking Infusion and Lightning Ward. You can even take both but sacrifice 1 more charge node.

The skills that I have tried:

  1. Elemental Nova (channeled) + Teleport : feels clunky for the build and lacks defense.
  2. Static (with Haste, Overload + Unlimited Power for extra Lightning Blast): Just unimpressive overall and lacks defense. The general idea is just to run around with Spark charges while Overload kills mobs (doesn’t work because of the LB low proc rate)
  3. Static Orb: Slowed clearing a lot without much benefit.
  4. NO MANA Disintegrate (with Laser Focus, Electrify, Infernal Ray & Amplification): Only good for bossing at the cost of defense, otherwise slows down clearing speed a lot.

Hopefully this information can help with other aspiring mages.

On a side note, I crafted a 49% Mana before Health Fractured Crown. Feels really good when combined with Flame Ward (Barrrier + Mental Aegis).

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Hi! Loving the guide so far, got one question though: Under Passives, you say to choose ‘Arcanist’ and ‘Scholar’, I can’t find those.

Both are first row passives from the Mage Base Class Passive Tree.

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Thank you! Found them :smiley:

your lootfilter is a giant piece of crap, played like 4 hours (60/65 mof; freshly done with campaign), not a single upgrade

Wow, first post in the forum and already toxic.

What is going on? Usually i would say welcome to the forums, but it seems that is uncecessary here.

While i am sure that @wast3d would appreciate any kind of feedback on his loot filter, your feedback doesn’t help the slightest.

Maybe next time you go to a thread and giving your opinion you should include more details and maybe even some solutions?

Have a nice day sir.

welcome to the internet. I dont really know what im doing, so I cant really give helpful feedback, i play an lb build too (selfmade), so I downloaded this filter a short while before finishing campaign. Played more than 4 hours, and this filter didnt recolor a single useful item… (apart from uniques/set). great way to waste my friday evening i guess, my selfmade noob filter works way better than this

Did you even try to read through the guide and especially the loot filter section?
Or did you try and look into what the loot filter of his actually tries to achieve?

I don’t want to speak on behalf of @wast3d , but his guide and loot filter are basically hand made and very well thought out for this particular playstyle.

Just because you are playing LB, doesn’t make his build or loot filter fit your character.

You are basically saying:“Hey the loot filter for your build does not work for my build, what a crap loot filter”
The thing with LE loot filter is, it’s 100% deteministic and you can play and gear a character so differently, while still using the same main skill.

I too, have to admit that Wast3d is using a very different approach for his loot filter, that i personally would never use. He does not work with recolours that much, except some very specific ones.

So you saying “his loot filter is not recolouring any usefull items” is like complaining about something, that his loot filter doesn’t even want to achieve.

So if your own loot filter works fine, go ahead and use your own.
If you have any questions regarding loot filters or you might want ideas/suggestions to make your own loot filter even better, feel free to create a new thread and ask for help.

But in case you do, keep it less toxic and provide some substantial informations.

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