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0.8.2 [HC] Manifest Armour Forgeguard - Slapping Harder Than My Ex

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If you want to start playing Hardcore or you’re just looking for the beefiest, hard-slapping minion build that tanks everything, look no further.

TLDR: Manifest Armour is an amazing minion skill that uses your own equipment with increased effect. 40% movement speed will turn into 200%… 70 flat life will turn into 350 etc. etc.

We stack a ton of damage reduction, health regen and healing and create a monster minion that will crit 100% of the time with a massive amount of crit multiplier. Don’t believe me? Watch the video. :wink:

Shoutout to Wrouk for helping with making this build happen. Was my first level 100 in Hardcore!



I’m lazy :slight_smile: can you post your loot filter?

Added! See the original post. :slight_smile:

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Wow. Trying the build out and I have to say, it’s impressive for survivability. I respec’d my old FG and still have to get the right gear but even without that I’m surviving very well. I do almost no damage but the MA does enough to kill everything, even though a little slow at this time.

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What is considered “stats” of your items? All implicit, prefix and suffixes?

All of the above.

Since the OP has his planner linked I’ll assume you’re asking me.
Helm: Vit, MA, Nec Resist, +Health Regen
Body: Str, Inc Bleed Effect, + Dodge, Cold Resist
Gloves: Inc CS Chnc, Melee Attk Spd, Hyb Health, + Health Regen
Relic: Attunement, Inc Heal Effect, Ohys Resist, + Health
Belt: Inc Minion Health, + Minion Health Regen, Inc Health, Hyb Health
Weapon (Sovnya): Inc CS Chnc, CS Multi, Chnc Shred Armor, Inc Melee Minion Dmg
Amulet (Jade): Inc DoT, Inc Phys Dmg, + Health, +% Chnc Apply Frailty on Hit
Ring (Gold): + Str, % Inc Phys Dmg, + Health, +% Phy Resist
Ring (Turquoise): % Inc Minion Dmg, + Str, + Dodge, +% Ele Resist
Idols: As per OP build link

As you can see, I don’t have all the right pieces of gear yet with the right affixes.

Curious: does the weapon’s “Increased Minion Damage” double dip, from you holding it & from it gaining that buff?

No, the Manifest Armour only benefit’s from the minion damage affixes you’re equipped with. If it inherits that affix then any of the Armour’s minions would benefit from the minion damage.

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If it’s on your boots, gloves, helmet, body armour or your mainhand weapon, the minion will use those stats with my build with higher effectiveness. E.g. if you have 80% crit multiplier on your boots (Solorun’s Steps) it’ll yield 320% at 400% effectiveness. :slight_smile:

Glad you are enjoying the build! Imo it started popping off once I had a good amount of attack speed on my gloves and close to 100% crit. The gear on my character ain’t even the best but you saw it for yourself. :smiley:

You can have minionception on Primalist with Scorpion boi

Working towards similar for my Forgeguard (such an underappreciated mastery!), and wanted to check - what percent of your weapon’s stats does it get? 1x base + 1x from the talent?

It will get all the stats on the weapon only once

Question: You put points into Hammer and Anvil to take less damage, but I thought you could only have one stance active at a time so since you use Juggernaut Stance, does this actually help? Doesn’t Juggernaut Stance cancel out Anvil Stance?

The Hammer and Anvil node isn’t a “proper” stance as it doesn’t use a skill bar slot. So you can benefit from that node as well as Juggernaut Stance (which is being removed in 0.8.3 along with the other 2 stances).

Awesome, thanks Llama.

Hi, how much corruption can you play this build without problems?

Hi CassX, I have pushed up to 400 with this, but you can go farther than that of course. I haven’t tested it because I’m playing hardcore and didn’t feel like losing the character just yet. :wink:

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