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0.8.2 [HC] Manifest Armour Forgeguard - Slapping Harder Than My Ex

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If you want to start playing Hardcore or you’re just looking for the beefiest, hard-slapping minion build that tanks everything, look no further.

TLDR: Manifest Armour is an amazing minion skill that uses your own equipment with increased effect. 40% movement speed will turn into 200%… 70 flat life will turn into 350 etc. etc.

We stack a ton of damage reduction, health regen and healing and create a monster minion that will crit 100% of the time with a massive amount of crit multiplier. Don’t believe me? Watch the video. :wink:

Shoutout to Wrouk for helping with making this build happen. Was my first level 100 in Hardcore!



I’m lazy :slight_smile: can you post your loot filter?

Added! See the original post. :slight_smile:

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