0.7.9d Werebear Build

Updated werebear, can beat all bosses. In melee range.

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But are they (not you, the characters) nekkid on masochist? Otherwise @LizardIRL will cry. And you don’t want that do you! Do you?

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Both tears and blood are inevitable on the battlefield


Can you explain which crit stat isnt being shown on the stat chart? You said global crit isnt reported - but when you swipe melee crit chance also goes up? Curious what I need to factor in when min/maxing if something isnt being reported

The crit chance inside of the swipe skill is not reported. I think thats the only one

The Feline hunter passive? I notice my melee crit chance improve with using swipe as the tooltip reads?

A node in a skill would only affect the figures on the character screen if it says it gives “global crit of x seconds after using the skill”, which feline hunter does.

Maybe I’m missing something here, then… Because that means the critical strike increase is logged, then?

Is the “not reported” crit chance referred to the swipe crit chance? Assuming its higher then melee crit chance?

I’m not sure what boardman was thinking. Normally, stats inside a skill (like crit chance or crit multi) aren’t shown on the stat screen since they only affect the skill and aren’t global. However that particular node is giving global crit chance (for 4 s after using swipe) so it should affect the stat screen.

Me neither



Sorry if this is dumb (I suck at theory crafting), but why don’t you take the “%increased spell damage when you have an active totem” on the idols ?
I understand that it is a little conditional, but not that much as the totems seem to have a good uptime, and as far as I know the spell damage is higher.

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