0.7.9 sounds are echoey / doubled and don't turn off when sliders are disabled

The new sound effects are really nice, but for some reason myself and another player who said they had the same issue are having an echoey effect like we’re playing the game in a tunnel or a tin can. When I turn all the sound sliders (besides master sound) down to zero, sound effects are still playing. They almost sound bass boosted. Overall it makes so I have to disable sound because it is really unpleasant.

There was an earlier bug that mentioned that some sounds were coming through on the wrong channels. What happens if you turn off the “sound effects” channel? Do you only get 1 sound effect?

I get muffled sounding sfx even if all channels are turned off. I’ll try it out again when I can to see if they’re still echoey or not.

Thank you for the report!

This should have been fixed in Patch 0.7.9c. Please let us know if you continue to experience it.

I saw the bug fix in the notes but haven’t got a chance to log in yet today. Will report when I do.

Yup, 0.7.9.c fixed it!

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