0.7.8c - No footstep sounds with 2handed axe + 2handed blunt weapon


It seems that 2 handed base axe weapons disables footsteps ingame. What I have done:

  • Checked the with unarmed (footsteps where there).
  • Checked with polearm (footsteps where there).
  • Checked with 2handed Nagasa Axe + 2handed War maul (footsteps where gone in every area i visited)

Area of testing: The end of time and different random area’s to make sure it wasn’t area specific.

Fyi, i have tested it with my char who is a primalist druid. The character was not transformed. That is another bug in a different threat.
Player log missing footsteps with weapons.zip (4.6 KB)

Thanks, I’ve confirmed this and we’ll work on a fix.

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