0.7.8b - No footstep sounds in Werebear/Spriggan form + missing footstep sound in water area's

  1. There are no footstep sounds when you shapeshift in Druid Werebear + Spriggan form.

  2. There are footstep sounds missing when you run through water. Example: Imperial age - The rust lands: go to the right side, there is some water you can run in.

Thanks for the reports! Footsteps while transformed should be an easy fix.

I’m fairly certain we set up water sounds in some places, so screenshots of anywhere you come across that second problem would be appreciated.

Hi!! I wanna report too that footsteps are not heard in Etendell map (at least for me)

Have a nice day!!^^

Screenshot included (zip).
Footsteps (water) Imperial age - Rusted lands wp.zip (371.4 KB)
Location: Imperial age - The rust lands waypoint. On the right is a small area with water.

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