0.7.0 C (New Ward) Sorcerer AutoBomb SuperShok Build

Show case:

Itens, Skills, Passives:


For the slow kids in the class, can you explain what’s happening? You’re using fire shield to shoot fireballs, and it shoots the modded fireballs? The lightning is from your teleport, but it’s just used to shock enemies?

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I’m using fire shield to shoot fireballs, with piercing, but that’s just a detail.

Teleport is being used to gain wards. The skill used by him in the jump is only for the leech, it does not make much difference.

Fireball is the skill to kill boss, or very dangerous enemies. I have increased the basis of critical and critical multiply. I picked up a lot of fireball, then take them out and gain 15% damage for each extra fireball. Finally I picked up the skill that makes the fireball become channeling. This gives me 7 fireballs per second, where almost all hits are critical of 6 or 7k damage. This guarantees more or less 30K dps.

The Focus skill is responsible for my massive area damage (5 to 24k), and does not spend mana. I think this skill is very strong, but you end up exposing yourself, so you have to use it wisely.

The blackhole is used more for support. Sometimes I use it to immobilize some enemies when I am surrounded. But also use to join them and blow them up. Maybe with the new patch I can use it more offensively.

It’s a good build for fast farming. You can modify it to stay a bit more defensive if you want a slightly different gameplay.

I highly recommend you try the fireball with channeling. Besides the Focus skill with offensive modifiers.

You can see all the passive and skill tree in the second video. Any doubts I am available.

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I focused the defense on dodge, because with the increase of ward, all resistances decrease. But as enemies get extremely strong, as in the arena, you can lose a lot of ward in 1 hit, so if you have higher resistance, this can save you from the second hit, as your resistances increased with ward loss.

As I said, it is possible to make this build more defensive since its damage is very high. This can make you go farther in the arena. However, if you like to farm fast in the monolith of fate, that’s pretty cool.

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Hey I guess i’m just wondering if you have plans for a leveling guide? I’m really excited to try this build but not sure what skills to use while leveling until i unlock the ones you have/what passives to prioritize first and all that. Looks like a solid build though

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Looks fun! :slight_smile:

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you can use elemental nova to evolve your character without difficulty. (Fire and Ice nova)

When you unlock Focus, start using it. You can do lots of builds with Focus - some more tank.

I plan to make an improved version of this build, but right now I’m running out of time.

When I did the build, I prioritized passives that provide intelligence. With the change of teleport, maybe I need to change the beginning of a new character - but I believe that to begin prioritizing intelligence is still ok, since in the beginning the character does not have to be much tank, since you can use elemental nova from a safe distance. (target elemental nova - fire)

Question, pretty new to the game. In the second video, the mage totals show 20pts spent, but you have 49 points worth of still, how does that work exactly.

When you put 20 points on the mage, you enable sorcerer and spellblade. The maximum you will display at your mage level is 20, however you can keep putting points there.

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