[0.4.4] Consistent crashing

I’ve crashed 3 times now in the span of about 30 minutes.

Below is a link to crash dumps, dxdiag, etc…

I zipped the “\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch” folder after each crash.

Thank you so much for the files, these are really useful for diagnosing the issue.

The crashes appear to be memory related. We’ve made lots of improvements to memory management in 0.4.5 so hopefully that version will be more stable for you.

The crafting menu button has also been fixed.

The feedback about the breakables and two handed weapons is good. I’ll try to get that in now before the next demo, but there’s chance that we run out of time. As for the tree fading, we’re working on a solution to that, but it’s a bigger project and won’t be fixed in 0.4.5.

Sounds good!

I’ll continue making similar posts after testing the demos as they arrive, then :slight_smile:

I had that problem in 0.4.5. Have you fixed it since then?


Wasn’t most of this my feedback? :frowning: