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Isometric RPG games like Last Epoch, Wolcen, Grim Dawn and Diablo 2 are my number 1 fav game types. Unfortunately though I am an avid Cheater since birth !. Unfortunately " cheating " players are undervalued and excluded in the gaming world /community, I’m not necessarily talking about Multiplayer Cheating and beating everyone unjustly, I am making specific mention to Single Player games and preferably offline too.

I tell myself that if I were to make an RPG game that mine would have the first ever and best Cheat system embedded into the game with an UI and everything you can imagine, accessible and easy done relative to the game’s content, but no I am not a Dev and will never be, I am a dead man and soon I’ll be nothing but dust.

And lastly … My personal gamer motto is : No Cheat No Game.
Meanings are : Most at least 97% of games I play I use some form of cheat for it, Can’t play without them, Wont play without a Trainer/Mod/Cheat. I rather die then to buy a game I can’t cheat on.