Your launch was a disaster because you neglected MP bugs in favor of adding a MTX shop and showing other players in town

It’s been well known that your multiplayer was not stable and had long load times since it’s release.
You didn’t even fix the chat bug:

You put no effort in improving your multiplayer experience, fixing bugs, or refining it and shipped it as completed, and then moved onto working on a MTX shop and showing other players in town(to show off MTXs, to increase sales) instead of fixing long-overdue bugs.

If people can’t connect, they can’t buy your MTX’s.


sad, but true


Unless the MTX store is causing the “API” problem, I don’t think it has much to do with being able to zone.

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To be honest, this is true. The only reason they want to show other, random people in town with you is not because of a sense of “community”, but to show their MTX to you to entice you into buying them. POE does the exact same thing and I hate it but I understand it.

It should, however, not interfere in the stability of the game. We’re almost 27 hours into the release and servers are down.


It isn’t. Mike has replied on this issue and specifically said that MP towns are due to performance issues only.

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Store itself is not the problem, but development focus on MTX instead of fixing stability is the problem. That’s how i view original argument in this thread. And i agree with OP to a degree. Matchmaking for town instances was a problem in the past and was even disabled at least once because of issues like now. It was always problematic, causing delays switching between towns and combat zones.
Where i disagree with OP. I say they actually put a lot of effort to fix matchmaking and i even noticed it getting better. I disagree their focus on MTX was based on greed. It seems to me it was based on arrogance of thinking that they got their matchmaking under control, are ready for bigger volume of clients and can focus on other stuff, like MTX. In my opinion matchmaking was never properly fixed and maybe should have been scrapped completely or at least redesigned.


Just turn the shared zones off. It’s caused issues for a long time. It really doesn’t matter if you can see others in town or not, at least people could play if that is the issue. This is a problem that can be fixed in the back ground without causing player issues. I understand there are player numbers much larger than any time before but lets be honest, those numbers shouldnt be a shock.

And why do we have the same problems in instanced areas where you can see no one? lol


Do you have literally any evidence whatsoever to support these assertions, or are we just having a (assumedly fat) cry session? Coz I have potato bake and a sense of entitlement I can get into.

The short time i was able to play online it looked like this:
moving to town - problem
leaving town - problem
doing monoliths - no problem
zones in dungeon - problem
Exactly the problems we had before when they introduced MP towns, just bigger.

Totally agreed with OP.

I had amost a thousand hours pre 1.0, mostly on offline with save edited characters to try out different self builds, it was a blast because there were instant loading, no lag input, no desync… which happened alot in online play even though my connection is pretty good (I have premium ExitLag) ~20ms.

Online playing in 0.9 was a curse to me, I personally think this is from the engine stand of point, game or network coding. At online playing, Blizzard did it great, D3 or D4 is extremely smooth even if your latency is not optimal.

Back to LE 1.0, I cannot even get out of town… endless loading, my character is stucking at below lv10, really pissed me off because I was tempting to buy the Ultimate pack to support devs but at this point, fvck it.

Ciao and good luck. I am back to offline without bullshit MTX and save editing again. Your game is totally worth $35 of enjoyment for offline playing. But if you wanna charge people for packs and MTX, then DO YOUR HOMEWORK RIGHT. FVCK TENCENTS, FVCK YOUR CHINESE BUSINESS MODELS.