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Will there be any rewards for Quests in Chapter 9.?

With the Quests in Chapter 9 will we be receiving any skill points from quests like in the previous chapters? Also I know new bosses are being added but it didn’t specify if they will be in chapter 9 or the monoliths or a mix of both. I am assuming the new bosses have different items they drop but no specifics where given.


During last stream Mike said that the side quests were reviewed and some would be added. He did not know if we would get more passive points.
And on Discord, it was said that with the patch there is no new boss in the monolith.

Thanks for the info didn’t watch the stream and missed it on Discord. I usually check here for answers and Info but I will keep other sources in mind in the future.

No problem, we’re all here to share and help!

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i could imagine that rewards from earlier side quests get more spread out so that there is a reason to not just skip the chapter.

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I just want to add that I hope they do not spread out the passive points anymore. I would rather see uniqie rewards that would help with entering the campaign.

Forcing 12 chapters for all the passives/idols kinda rough.


I agree if that will Happen in order to force me to play through such a long campaign every League for every character I will immidiately quit playing the game as I did with POE.
At least they then should add a possibility to add thise passive points for your alts in a different way, like when you reach level 100 monos you get them, something lile this.


I agree with you guys some unique rewards or maybe something like Blessings. Nothing crazy just something as a little reward for doing chapters 9-12.Something to peak our interests and keep us going maybe incorporate it into the boss fights in the new chapters. I’m sure they could incorporate it into the story somehow.

Since we are rolling new characters every league. Another four chapters with out some type of reward or making them optional would be a drag .I am still crossing my fingers for a few more passive points do you guys and gals over at Eleventh Hour take Bribes by chance? :heart:

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One advantage, is at least the layouts are the same. The RNG layouts in PoE mean that sometimes you can get a scuffed one, and hit multiple dead ends on your way to the entrance to the next zone.

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Good point I never really cared for that mechanic in POE. Its like your journey suddenly changed without any reason as to why story wise. Oh and welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your time here. We have a really nice helpful community so far * crosses fingers *

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One skill point reward will be moved to Chapter 9. A few of its side quests will reward idol slots, but the number of idol slot rewards required to unlock the full idol inventory will not change, so it will go from being able to skip one idol reward quest to being able to skip four idol reward quests. In future we plan to introduce a similar system to passive point rewards, so that there’s a cap and you don’t have to do all of the passive point quests to get all the points.


Is there a theory on if you dont skill quest what the finishing point would be to have everything unlocked at? Say End of chapter 8 as it is now or would it get bumped higher/lower?


I too would like an answer to this, what is the farthest we’ll have to go in the game to get all the skill/idols unlocked through the chapters? Will it continue to stop at chapt 8 if we finish all the side quests like now or will we have to progress further than now to get the same amount of passive points, or are you going to increase the amount of passive points you get from quests?

As Trasochi said 1 post above Boardman’s, the idol slots will all be unlocked by chapter 8 if you do all of the side quests. One of the passive point rewards has been moved to chapter 9.

I mean you are right of course but that doesnt make it less tedious and boring after the 10th time you went through the campaign unfortunately. :frowning:

Thats good to hear!