WHY I NEED DOWNLOAD 26GB for new patch ?! I have all previous patches already

JUST WHY ?! Its joke imho, we dont all have fiber internet, its 6hrs for me to download… its ridicuolus, PoE have 1-2GB per patch and its understandable… Please FIX this before release, or game fail with all the hate

I kinda get it its because new lighting system but still its too much :frowning:

they had a thread about this last week, game size will be smaller


Chill mate. It’s beta and it’s not optimised, yet.

But I think the devs will work on it 24/7 because now they know the game will fail otherwise. Thanks for the nicely worded advice. :metal:


I thnaks with my money :slight_smile:

You got my hopes up… I thought 0.7.8 released.

So I downloaded 70 GB and get this shit: Problems with Launcher and Update

lol blame game on beta because u have slow internet

u are stupid? I blame game for launcher problems, reading is hard?

i didn’t know $35 allow you to be vulgar to everyone.

Edit: as mentioned, there should be improvement once the next patch hits. So it’s not that long a wait anymore. The patch size and especially the unpacking and the space it takes up annoys me too. But that’s what to expect when we support a game in beta and watch it grow into a full game.


I have NEW PROBLEM: Problems with Launcher and Update

Just wait 2 more weeks and your problems will probably be solved, but no one can help you here for the 1mbit/s. I can imagine you want to play now, but it’s beta, things like this can happen, and you don’t miss anything right now.


Clear more room in you install hard disk.

As a computer specialist i suggest you to have at least 50-60 gb free all the time.

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Depends on the cost of your ISP I guess…


is there still a huge update i have terribad net due to me being a patient in a state hospital but id like to play the game as i have major love for arpgs and they r my go to for feeling better but if theres still a 26gb update i may have to wait till they shrink the game

We don’t know unfortunately. We should hopefully know in a week or two about 0.7.8.

Wait until 0.7.8 BIG PATCH because its ironically make game weight (GB) much less but game will be bigger in content, its like 2 weeks, patch is scheduled in this month

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So let me tell you all my ridiculous story:

in previously episode: “So my installation folder on my SSD drive is now 70gb: 25 in .downloads folder and 45 in Last Epoch Data folder AND for some stupid reason game dont want to run and I have some stupid communicate (attached in zip file) like NOT ENOUGH DISK SPACE 30GB MORE REQUIRED!!! WTF?! 100gb ?! also I have 60gb left on my disk”

Now problem is “SOLVED” for me - not for developers

episode 2:
So I delete 2 games from my disk (rip Wolcen lol) and have 77GB free on my SSD, and after this Launcher checking integration… after checking sucesfully 40GB was uninstaled by Launcher, I have 120GB free disk space now lol… and Launcher start downlading 30GB from scratch…

Maybe this helps developers to fix issues like this

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