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Where Are You From?

Houston, Texas =)

That link is out of South Carolina. Did you recently move?

UK born, Currently living in Russia’s Far East.

Well that’s quite a change! Very curious how/why that happened (at one point after graduating, my wife was working for Esso and it came up in conversation that maybe she/we could go to their refinery in Archangelsk or somewhere like that).

I was doing conservation work in Amur and ended up staying. Retired now

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1123, 6536, 5321

Belgium French

Born and raised in Georgia, currently residing in the Atlanta area


Denmark here!

I am in Maryland, US here. About an hour away from D.C. if we want to go see everything there.

From Singapore

From South Brazil. :brazil:
Tem algum BR por aí !?

some clues as to where im from.

Stone roses
Happy Mondays
The Charlatans

Drink a Drink a Drink to Eric the king the king the king.
And Solskjaer has won it.
We knocked the scousers off there perch.

If you know you know.

Um, Liverpool? Somewhere south of the river? Chelsea?

Just sayin’…

(post deleted by author)

Québec here! :slight_smile:

I come from France.
Born in Switzerland, lived in France almost all my life.

Italy (Sicily) here!