What do Shadows actually do?

I am using shadows with my falcon. In aerial assault I got umbral remnants node. Then dive bomb “on wings of shadow” and picked up a couple extra. The shadows will bomb and the live bird will do his normal stuff at the same time. It’s pretty nice interaction.


Nice to see your take on the Vampire build. Hope that you’re enjoying it, even if it doesn’t get you really high up the corruption levels. Maybe when you’ve some LP items it could serve you better? Are you finding that you’re getting enough leech and are able to attack fast enough?

I’ve had a bit of a mad weekend and I’m a bit exhausted so hopefully I’ll get to play in a few days once that I have rested. Looking forward to getting mine higher too and I hope it works as well as yours. :hugs: :drop_of_blood:

Nice, I’ve not tried the Falconer yet. I’m hopeful that I’ll get to soon when I try my Van Helsing build, as I’m strongly considering Falconer as I want to use the Aerial Assault ability instead of Shift, as Van Helsing was a “normal man” so the shift ability seems a little off thematically but I think all specs need a movement skill. I would love it if they didn’t though. My Nurgle Knight (Melee Harvester Poison Warlock) would feel a lot better if I was a lot slower but a lot tankier, as that’s the Nurgle theme. Alas all we can do is play with what we have. :hugs: