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Waypoint not unlocked on landing in Soreth'Ka

Apologies if this would belong better in the feedback forum, but I feel like it breaks the expected default behavior. Last night, I completed chapter 8 and landed in Soreth’Ka, and saw the UI pop up about the beginning of chapter 9. I logged off at that point, and on logging back in today the Soreth’Ka waypoint was not unlocked. I was able to backtrack to Thetima and find the entrance to the boat to Soreth’Ka again, but it was not at all intuitive, and I believe the Soreth’Ka waypoint should unlock on entering the zone like many other waypoints have done. Thanks!

That can for sure be frustrating, we’ll look into it.

Hawkwolfe, thank you so much for this post. The entrance for Sorenth’Ka is in Thetima.

I finally figured out how to progress once again. I got confused with the zones around the Strand of Storms and didn’t know where I popped after the boss kill and taking the portal back to town. I couldn’t find how to get to Soreth’Ka and the only quest thing stated “speak with Soreth’ka Nagasa.” No waypoint for Soreth’Ka or help in the quest tracker. I spent time looking and doing the End of Time until I found this post. When I first was in the town I must of logged out a foot away from getting the waypoint.