Ward Needs to be NERFED for a healthy game

I doubt it’s a player numbers issue since the game already did far better than their expectations. I believe they are just waiting for cycle 2 to do major balance changes. Also, these changes take time to get right…

I would suggest they gimp a lot of the one shot mechanics in the game before they worry about nerfing ward.

The number of engagements where you can be the level of the zone, max resist for a given situation and still get 1 shotted is mind boggling. I would recommend they leave the few situations where you can mitigate that game mechanic alone until they actually balance some of these engagements.

If youre fighting a boss, at the correct level with a normal gear and max resistances there should be a zero percent chance you get one shotted. Brought low, on the verge of dying, or course, but you cannot adapt and learn to do better if all the major monoliths and dungeons just habitually one shot you.

I dont want ward nerfed

I want other defense methods buffed to be on par with ward.

Trying to play high life with other high defenses and not being able to perform anywhere near a ward build just blows.

Please give more options for non-ward builds to have more equal performance to ward.

Non-ward builds just FEEL BAD. Nerfing ward would just make pretty much all builds FEEL BAD.

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Mana taken before life is not viable because mana regen and max mana is too weak. Mana taken before life can be thought of as converting mana regen into life regen for long term damage and a % of max mana as a buffer to max health. Right now if you had 50% mana before life, this would at best be comparable to about 250 life and 10 life regen.

Again, the problem with health → ward conversion is that it’s ubiquitous. Everyone wants more max health and health → ward is only upside, as you are turning health itself into a layer of defense. The only possible build that would not benefit from health → ward are builds that are stacking endurance threshold - which honestly is not worth it (endurance can basically be thought of as more max health where 60% of endurance threshold → max health). But endurance’s problems is a whole other issue.

Okay well, this topic has dwindled down in light of the whole death of MG. Buuut here is a Life based build focused around Endurance(with scuffed gear) facetanking T4 bosses since I am too lazy to push corruption.

TLDW: outliers are strong even if they aren’t ward, endurance pretty good if it covers your entire healthpool, Smoke trap gettin nerfed?

yeah majasa was first time in the game where I had to rollback a bit, go somewhere else to farm gear, once I got gear with +armor/reduced damage from crits it was easy

T4 Bosses hardly serve as proof. They’re bosses that are about the equivalent of 300-500 Corruption at most, not close to a point where health-based builds begin to fail.

Yeah until you realize that Ward is several times the effectiveness of non-ward defenses, for less gear investment.

It’s not like it’s a tad overpowered. Buffing other defenses to match it is like adding a thousand corruption levels worth of power creep.

“nerf feel bad, buff feel good” is some caveman logic that is really short-sighted and doesn’t see the bigger picture.


True for my Necro. I hate ward, seems like a gimmicky mechanic. However, it’s just so superior I eventually switched to it. Two pieces of gear and I went from 1800hp to 4k+ ward. I forget the passive node specifically but it involves 2% of a monsters HP to ward or something. When I’m fighting Lagon, the tentacles were spiking me to 15k ward. It’s comical… I’m invincible now. I just walk around with my army of terror and don’t really need to pay attention lol.