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Usefulness of gold + future trade

English is not my first language, so sorry, I hope everyone understands me

For now, gold is main currency in game. But what sense of it? Buying new stash tab is great, but when you get 10-15 tab - you don’t need more, but even if you need more - you can farm it for few hours.
other point to use gold - gambling. Okay, gambling is good, but there is need lots of gold to gamble something cool. I prefer to farm items from monsters then gambling, its much easier way to get good stuff. In gamble you need so much tries to get something good, and I think its don’t cost that time what you spent to farm gold. + many unique items can’t be gambled for now, so its spending gold for nothing(not always, but really often)

is it possible that new options for spending gold will be added to the game? maybe some new NPC from Monolith, which will appear 1 time in 10-15 echoes, and will have ~ 30 (or any number) random affix shards that you can choose for gold?
or maybe an NPC with Character (or even Class) items from common to exalted, where would be more likely to get items with character / class affixes on the items? I mean, this NPC will only have daggers, bows and armor for the rogue character or the archer / dagger classes if you are playing a rogue. or just scepters and magic items if playing on a mage. as well as some chance to get skill enhancement affixes, such as “+ Flurry level” or “+% damage of some skill” for each class.
At the moment, I don’t even collect gold because I can’t spend it on anything I need for my builds

next question - trade when LE is 1.0
what items can be exchanged? armor / weapons - for sure. What about affix shards and glyphs / runes ?
I am thinking about a trading system, and yet I can not imagine what should be there in order to trade something online.
For example, I have a nice scepter with two tier7 and two tier5 affixes, but I am playing with a different class (or I don’t like the ARPG mage classes, so I don’t want to use it myself) and I don’t need this weapon. but it’s pretty good and useful for other players. So I need to exchange this. But for what? As I said (IMHO) gold is still useless. and trading great items for gold is not a good idea. shards? okay maybe, but they drop quite often (not counting skill shards) and a lot of players have a good amount of shards. same with glyphs / runes. everyone gets a lot (unless you craft 20 items every day with four tier 5 affixes :woozy_face: )
So what offer should I get in order to trade good things? I can’t imagine it yet.

Let’s talk about gold and its usefulness and about future trading system and how it should be.

I hate gold as a currency in almost every game, it ends in breaking the market.

played age of connan , gold was usefull in crafting materials,crafted gear and some end game crafted epics at extremely unimaginable prices cant even be farmed IE ( it takes an hour to farm 10 gold and the unique cost 1500 gold.).

GW2 had the same issue to some extent.

Path of exile from my experience had the best game currency iv seen, using crafting material as a currency as well, which worked pretty nice for temporary servers/ leagues but not as much for standard.

TBH i don’t know if there is a fix for this but what i can think of is something like this…

we play the game to enjoy and get loot:

  • basic loot from basic enemies and bosses.

  • specific unique from specific bosses which is nice.

  • shards for crafting non-unique items and upgrade which stacks pretty fast and is boring to have such a high drop rate.

  • why not add something similar to shards for unique empowerment (low-level unique as a base + required currency item = higher level better unique stats )

  • same goes for boss-specific uniques.

  • currency item to enhance item modifiers (attack/magic/life/attribute/defense/minion)

  • weapon and armor traits ( similar to the modifiers but can not be changed therefor need to be farmed ) IE, an item with a magician trait will enhance all the magic modifiers built into an item, this will make white items desirable for crafters.

this is what I can think of as a replacement to gold, as for that we can use it for cosmetics so it does not break the game market for standard servers in the long run.

this will keep people playing the game rather than farming specific locations dense with mobs for fast gold.

let me know what you think of this . and sorry English is not my first language…

This question was just asked in the dev stream about an hour or so ago. Mike’s (the dev) answer was a resounding “yes!”. We don’t know what those uses will be at this point, but we do know there will at least be more :slight_smile:

From what we can tell this is in flux, but there is a MP FAQ that you can check out which touches on the subject pretty heavily.

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The one game that I know of where a single gold currency economy remained stable and well was FFXI.

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