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Uniques not rolling ranges sometimes

Maybe it’s pure luck but sometimes I get duplicate uniques that gets the exact same rolls, it’s suspicious. Is it possible some uniques show ranges but aren’t actually rolling them? 2 in particular I noticed were Transient Rest and Boneclamor Barbute.

Not all affixes on all uniques have ranges:

Yes, I’m fully aware of this. That’s why I specifically stated in my post this is a reference to uniques that show ranges. There are also some uniques that don’t show ranges, but do in fact roll ranges. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a tooltip error or the tooltip is right and the unique is bugged.

How many times did this happen to you, did it always happen, or just sometimes?

It’s only happened a few times, it’s just really low odds that multiple stats with ranges would drop exactly the same multiple times. It could be chance, but just figured you guys could actually look at the items closer. I know of at least one unique that has no tooltip range at all but definitely rolls different values, so it’s entirely possible these items didn’t actually have ranges despite tooltips showing otherwise.