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Unable to assign Passives

The line that requires 35 (5, 10, 8) in Necromacer and 20 in Acolyte won’t allow me to put any points in even though I have 37 in Necro and 21 in Acolyte.

Wanna show a screenshot (imgur is your friend?)

The nodes on the 35 line need 3 points in the previous nodes… Assuming you have those?

Ahh…thank you! I only had two in the previous line! Hope they “light up” next point I get :slight_smile: (I prefer Postimages)

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Ok back in game, another passive point and they don’t activate at all, have 3 points in the row before, 40 in necro and 21 in Acolyte.

For this issue specifically, you’d need 3 points in the node directly before the node you want as there are 3 pips leading into that passive node.

Oh thanks…think I need new glasses!

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