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Transplant specialization Sadism not working with Reap

Hello, I’m very new to the game but there is an issue I found while using Sadism passive in Transplant specialization tree on Lich. It is supposed to increase your damage while Transplant is on cooldown but this does not occur when Transplant is put on cooldown via Reaper Form’s Reap skill. At first I thought this might be intentional but later I read through the 0.8.3 patch notes and found out Transplant and Reap were not sharing cooldown until recently. This might still be working the way it is intended but I just wanted to let you know if it is not. Maybe you can add some clarification to the Sadism passive and specify it only works after Transplant is used and not any other thing putting it to cooldown. Sorry if I did not follow the topic creating regulations. Have a nice day!

I think we haven’t thought about this interaction with the recent change to Reap. Most likely we will change the node to specify you need to put the skill on cooldown when you directly use transplant.

Thanks for the report.