Hallo EHG,

i’m wondering if you have any plans for adding a transmogrification system similar to Diablo 3 and how it will be tied to the cosmetics tab. For example, will i be able to transmog a “Dawn helmet” to a “Winged helmet”? Would this be tied to MTX? Or is the cosmetic tab purely for MTX related cosmetics.

If you can issue a short statement at this point, i’d be very grateful. :slight_smile:


I spent a fair amount of time on the transmog tab in Wolcen. Best feature of the game!

Please EHG, give us something like this. Let us transmog items and dye them! Make rare colours (gold/silver) chase items :laughing:.

Fashion meta is the real game!


+1, would be super cool :slight_smile:


Last Fashionpoch…

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Dressing up your characters is fun from time to time, but it doesn’t seem to be an essential feature to me. :upside_down_face:

While it would be awesome, if you check gear MTX tab in LE they probably plan gear / colors visuals same way as in the PoE - so i assume, no Free transmog.

We are diligently working on adding new visuals in terms of different armor sets, weapons, and uniques and we very much want to be able to transmog as well. The system will support it because of cosmetic MTX and we have had some discussions on what transmog for gear you pick up while playing will look like, but we haven’t 100% nailed down the specifics. I’m comfortable saying you can expect it in the future though. The cosmetics just haven’t been the primary focus as we’re still developing classes and progression systems.

You will however see a more permanent looking cosmetics panel in the late may patch (082)! So we’re making slow progress there and it will speed up as other things are fleshed out first


TBF, the characters look dreadful so far. I am assuming it is that way to increase the need for mtx and transmogs and whatnot.

Ha ha, you just generated seas of tears! :wink:

Thanks a lot for the reply! I’m waiting eagerly for the may patch now. :slight_smile:

I approve!
Transmogs will be a nice feature, but eye candy being put on the back burner is certainly the right call here.

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Yup, there’s not much point in looking awesome if there’s nothing to play while looking awesome.

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I hope not. If this is the case, well, one less reason to stick around.

agree, wanna see transmog option and dye clothes option. Think developer may adds some unique appearences in their shop wich i don’t wanna see builded in game actually, but in game items should be abel to transmog or color customize

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