Too much loot...and I don't care enough about it

Ah, you’re a youngster and a noob in the grand scheme of things. No worries. Old hands like me (4.5 decades - I was there when the guy first unloaded a Space Invaders coin-op machine into the local shopping centre in 1979) are very tolerant.

Anyway the only thing I have to say about all this is that the devs could solve most loot gripes with ONE simple act of kindness…

Add a condition to the Loot Filter that only shows loot with a minimum Forge Potential.

However the devs have refused to do that based on the rather ludicrous argument that making players trawl through more loot than they ever want to see is “immersive”.

Ahem. Troll away, devs, troll away.

I remember playing Pong on the family TV. I’m not tolerant at all.

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Me too (though not at the time of release).

:grinning: cool… ha! you old!

I typically dislike these, “in MY day!”, conversations. Feels like I’m bragging about how hard my arteries have become. I just wanted to say I’m super intolerant of game design that doesn’t make sense (to me).

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If you’re prepared to spend Ascendencies, you’ll get one easily. I am currently farming a 12 Wraith version with +3 to Wraiths, and I’ve had about ten of them in the last day but none with the max rolls I want. 10 Wraiths and +2 with 2 LP is the best I’ve managed.

And to actually have a position in this thread; Not only is there is way to much garbage loot, the design space for loot is massively too big (essentially, too many attributes that simply don’t go together can drop, nor are many of the attributes important to any but certain niche builds).

Filtering for just the character I’m playing assumes that I am able to turn off that portion of my brain that is telling me that some of the purple dropping might be useful for another char! And then the part that understands that most of the loot is, in fact, crap because it will have attributes that simply don’t go together and the lossy nature of crafting makes it such that you simply cannot overcome that.

D3/D4 loot makes much more sense to me; pick it all up, take it back, break it down because you can make or improve something with that salvage. Or sell it for good cash. You can even, as of D4, extract a legendary power (once). I love it.

You mean Rune of Ascendance? What do you need to “ascend” to get the Aberrant Call? Just any staff?


Beware though, those Runes are very very rare. I had about 50 of them after 1000 hours, and Wraiths is my favourite build so I was happy to blow quite a few. Got a Squirrel Hat in the same session with great rolls on it first time, so I was a happy bunny.

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RoA only cares for the item type, so yes any staff works.

The results of RoA can only be drop everywhere uniques.
So no uniques with specific drop conditions like boss uniques can be obtained by using them

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Yeah but you can grind gold in every way and content you want to. Same isn’t true for items you need to specificly farm at a certain spot. It’s huge difference in grinding methods while farming currencies most of the times comes ahead of farming the items.

Yeah you’ve been to old to look at pong as the new awesome stuff back then right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good old times when everything was like a freash breath of air when playing Miltipede on the Atari VCS 2600 ^^, well ten years after it’s release.

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I just logged in and I have 36 after almost 300 hours of playing. Not really enough to experiment as I’m assuming you can literally get any unique staff with this approach.

19 runes later and one Aberrant Call with 1LP and rubbish stats. I think I’m done chasing that unicorn. Just over two weeks left until a better game comes out :smiley:

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Yeah, there’s many ways to do loot, I am not particularly a fan of PoE style: just a bunch of extremely random loot you must filter out to keep you sane.

But is a tried and tested formula, and has its upsides, and lots of them.

I personally like more roleplay-ish styles, like TQ/GD where loot from monsters is mostly what those monsters are wearing. Also I prefer some kind of smart loot to a degree, not to the point everything is suited to you, but more about instead of just more loot, better loot, in many ways.

But they got the PoE formula, without the old crap of identifying stuff, and all the benefits it carries to the loot filter. So is a great system they don’t need to tweak greatly.

What skill are you using?
Look at the skills tags, it should say something like “physical, melee” and such
That should tell you what scales the skill.

Also, most importantly, the weapon base matters a lot because it has flat damage modifiers on it, which are generally the hardest things to get.

In addition to damage you want 75% of each resistance and 100% crit avoidance. Plus leech/hp regen/increased healing(depending on how you plan to heal yourself, for example minion builds cannot leech)… I should note that there is also the ward strat for healing, but that requires a unique item or specific skills that generate a lot of ward

just take Heavy’s lootfilter and change it a little
Or alternatively

Show Exalted/Unique/Set
HIde (insert any class you are not playing)
Hide(insert weapon types you aren’t using, eg. swords, polearms etc)
Hide(insert outdated weapon bases as you progress)
Show(insert list of idol affixes)
Show (insert list of gear affixes)
Hide normal/magic/rare

If you want a quickly setup easy to maintain filter

Also missing is a proper tutorial on efficient filter setups


I would love that some kind of tutorial or possibly even a way to make a quick loot filter would exist.

By now I know very well how it works and can use it efficiently, but that was not the case when I first played LE. I had to look for youtube guides for it and even download one of such filters to see how it was made. It complete different way than what I had intuintively made myself before.

There exist sites like lastepoch tools that can generate you a loot filter, but I never looked at those generated filters long enough to really tell what they do specifically and what not. Yet, if such a site can generate a filter why doesnt the game has its own?

At any rate, when I make new character these days, I basically have to stand still for a period of time at the start location just to set up a filter for it. I’d rather be playing than setting up the filter. Its not exactly required at that point, but I want it to be ready when I need it. The set up time will have to be somewhere, be it at start or later. At that point I might not even have complete idea of what I want and need.

For example in game like Grim dawn the loot filter is far more simple, but I would prefer basic setup such as it. You just have ~20 check boxes that contain specific kinds of stats. It takes a minute to have that sort of filter. It for sure isnt as accurate and specific as LE, but it would serve as a good starting point.

For anyone still new to the game reading this thread:

Its a stop gap for those that dont want to fiddle with lootfilters themselves and just want to get on with killing things.

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