Tier List based on testing 40+ builds in offline mode

That’s cool. Great idea with Static Shell. What do you think about using one Siphon of Anguish and Shattered Chains?

Doom x4 means 16% more (edit: technically increased, but should be it’s own category?) melee damage taken and the belt provides 20% more melee damage due to those 4 stacks.

How is mana on the dummy? You write that it took 10s to kill the dummy and I don’t know if my mana would last that long for I don’t get to live that long in an actual fight. Also the effect of Julra’s ring wears off after 4 sec.

I’ll test siphon of anguish and shattered chains tomorrow. Mana felt fine. The thing is that it actually took about 5 seconds to kill the dummy that counts as an enemy. The other top builds seem to take a bit over half as long to kill that dummy compared to the boss one, so the 10 second number is an estimate for the sake of comparison.

I think I’ll look around for a mod that unlocks empowered monoliths and skips to like 3k corruption so I can test more scientifically.

I think you can be faster than 5 seconds.

I tested my character on the enemy dummy:

echo setup: after 10sec I run out of mana and the dummy’s hp bar is slightly beyond the “Y” of dummy. Note that this setup kills Lagon and Emperor at 1300 before they do anything.

boss setup: it’s about 1sec setup (Shift onto the dummy and use Smoke Cloud), then about 5 secs of holding down Explosive Trap until the hp bar is gone. At that point I have 308 stacks of Reen.

edit: my boss setup

I didn’t calculate this, but given the extreme amounts of crit multi from Eye of Reen and the high amounts of increased damage, t7 flat lightning damage might be optimal on the dagger. Sword needs crit chance to stay capped - without the dagger crit affix on the helmet.

This killed the dummy in 3 seconds after setup: Build Guides, Tierlists, Planner, News for Last Epoch - maxroll.gg

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Alright, the testing has been completed. The verdict: your build is really cool and quite strong. Its damage and survivability were nearly as high as earthquake beastmaster’s, and way higher than any of the primalist builds on Maxroll. I did need to use the training dummy that counts as an enemy for the aftershock DoT to be applied, like you predicted. Here’s the exact gear I wore during testing: https://www.lastepochtools.com/planner/oyPejO9B.

Thank you so much for the effort of testing it out, as I mentioned it’s been a minute since I played but I seem to recall that it has quite a bit of ramp up time, did this impact it’s damage numbers in comparison to the other builds or was it just that the top end damage didn’t reach that of nado and eq?

Thanks, really cool initiative to put together this document.

At the top end it didn’t quite reach EQ or nado. It wasn’t far off through, a two and a half minute kill time isn’t that much slower than EQ’s two minutes flat.

I’ve put together documents like this before. Many of them can be found in my discord server I linked in the tier list document.

Have you gotten around to the survivability testings yet?

I’m truly curious. Red rings should be awesome for the huge resists and 20% less damage taken (which requires mountain items to achieve 180 stats). You should get Chill and Frailty on daggers and disregard endurance threshold from the build guide. Pure hp should be better.

I can’t really test the low life setup without correctly slammed Frostbite Shackles, but I wonder how much ward can you realistically sustain? Having to use Rings of the Third Eye feels bad there, I’m also not a fan of being chilled all the time through the boots.

I tested the life build and the ward build is several times tankier. It can sustain 18k ward. The chill is mostly irrelevant as last steps of the living grant 45% more movespeed than foot of the mountain.

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Great stuff! An interesting read and awesome to see the practical feedback from someone who has experienced the variety of different builds on how they compare.

Have you tried casting Healing Hands through Smite instead of direct casting it? This is more or less what I’m building towards currently:

Though the equipment is unobtainable levels of perfection, this version of the build is unrefined. One of the biggest questions I can’t answer until I actually get further towards it is how much mana gain you want on smite, so you can keep on low mana while comfortably maintaining your sigils. The idea is that you can still do the whole direct cast divine bolt healing hands stuff. You won’t be nearly as good at it, due to the lower cast speed from virtue of patience, and the point allocation within Healing Hands being less favorable. Plus, you don’t have the volatile reversal buffs. However, hh divine bolt pally already excels at the situations you would use that mode. What it normally lacks is single target damage, and this should be substantially better in that area.

After all, normally VR gives you 30% more damage taken by enemies, and a 30% cast speed buff. With this, as long as you’re down 60% or more mana, you get that cast speed bonus with smite always. And, since the virtue of patience cast speed drop doesn’t affect smite, you can get the 48% more damage from there all the time. So Smite casting rather than direct casting with VR would deal more damage, even if Smite did no damage itself. Then, the 36% double cast chance for smite has to be considered, not to mention it does damage itself, a ton actually, more than healing hands in this setup, as 500% more damage vs ignited targets with a ton of missing mana puts in a lot of work.

The real reason I love this variant of the build though is how lazy it is to play. Smite autocasts vs the closest target while right click is held, but ignores the input if nothing is in range. So you hold down right and left click and you wander around, autotargeting anything that comes close into oblivion before continuing on your way. Cast Sigils of Hope as frequently as possible until you’re low on mana then use it to refresh your sigils, release the prism shards, and keep your mana down. If you come across a tough group or arena or portal or something just hold down healing hands until it’s dead. If you come across a tough single target pop down a javelin banner near it for extra smiting, stick close so you get the healing, and hold down smite. It’s a blast to play, for me personally at least.

Anyway the tl;dr is from my calcs it should be easily double, closer to triple the single target damage of direct cast healing hands / divine bolt, even accounting for the VR buff. And sustain / splash damage figures should both be Way worse, like half as good. But still great to exceptional compared to other builds. That’s just in theory though and assumes things work as advertised and as expected, which may not hold. So I’d love to see what you find if you have a chance to test it out.

Your build performed well, out-damaging the other paladin builds by a lot. Here’s the planner for the setup I tested: Build Guides, Tierlists, Planner, News for Last Epoch - maxroll.gg. I had to move some stats around to make up for not having T7 everything like your planner. Mana gain felt fine, what I ended up needing was cooldown rolls in order to dump mana faster at the start of fights.

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Thanks very much for testing it and for the feedback! Just a heads up the linked version’s skills are awry; doesn’t matter to me of course but if someone was following the link from your doc they might be rather confused so I thought I’d let you know :slight_smile:

Was just fixing that when I read this reply lol.

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I had some time so I went back over the build. The planner link has been updated. It’s now optimized for dps and survivability at the cost of being able to use divine bolts. I predict that at high corruption the bolts won’t deal relevant damage anyway. The smite build seems to deal much more than triple the damage of the divine bolt pally.

I’ve been pondering on this for a while. I might try it out if I get Frostbite Shackles with a low life affix, but I’m not sure if that is truly superior.

You are only using max rolled everything, which is interesting in it’s own right. But would you be interested in testing out “realistic” conditions? After looking up a few values, I would draw the line for LP at 10% chance. That means 1 LP Frostbite Shackles for example (2 LP is 1.03% according to LE tools). 10% may sound high but you have to account for having the item drop in the first place and then hitting the right affixes at Julra.

In my journey from basic life through low life into Red Ring/Mountain life, I was certainly squishier during the low life stage than I am now. For example I couldn’t realistically kill t4 Mountain. Maybe that’s an outlier fight for you can’t speed it up with damage (phase 1) and there are few targets to gain health/ward from, but your testing environment is also kinda specific.

One of my friends has been comfortably running the low life variant since 1.0.